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    Question Worth it to come back?

    PvP Background:
    Burning Crusade: Multiple Duelist Titles ~2000-2200 arena rating.
    Wrath of the Lich King: Played at the 2600 level of rating before quitting.
    Cataclysm: Got to 85 and for some reason I raided then quit after Ragnaros.

    I am wondering is the PvP in this game dead, or worth playing. Are classes balanced or is everything more bursty than ever?

    Thanks in advance for the responses.

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    Lots of people are gone. The crossrealm feature didn't come from pvp being so active...
    Just take a look at the statistics before s13 and you can see it. Glad spots shrinked by more than half compared to s7.
    Current season? http://www.arenamate.net/ Look at the stats.

    Class balance is as ever. Some classes rng you for more than 50% of the hp bar in 2 gcd.
    The latest brilliant move was that they made warrior bladestorm immune to disarm, worse bladestorm actually removes disarm nowadays.

    I enjoyed some of the new content like challenge modes but pvp is not better than before.
    Though since you say you played wotlk -it ain't worse than s7 dks oneshotting your teammate.
    Incase you care about it: you get a mount for 100 3v3 wins or 40rbg wins and a tabard&cloak for 2,5k rating.
    mount: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNQZJ...etailpage#t=48 (alliance&horde)
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    Looks damn nice in any case

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    Quote Originally Posted by bt4 View Post
    worse bladestorm actually removes disarm nowadays.
    um... wat.

    Not really interested in cosmetic rewards... more interested in the competitive challenge of rising to the top. But congrats... you have deterred me from this apparently still broken game.

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    Blizz have improved some features in PvP though. You won't benefit from PvE gear in arenas/bgs as much as you did in previous expansions. They're adding a new feature called "Trial of the Gladiator" in next xpac that will work similar to the Arena tournament realms. You can only que for arenas on specific events during the week. And that also prevents people from wintrading at 4 am etc.

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    I'd wait for WoD, the current season is gonna be a drag and the high ranked spots are already taken and likely won't change that much anymore throughout the season. I wouldn't expect the current state of fotm classes to change until WoD either (like SP was never nerfed in S8 and rogues were never nerfed in S11, both which lasted insanely long). The gearing up stage is beyond painful, more so if you haven't played in that long. Oh and the CC... You didn't mention what class you played but basicly every class is "a rogue" in terms of CC these days. PvP can still be fun but against certain classes/comps you eat CC after CC which makes for a slightly unfun game at times.

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    Wait until the next expac, this whole expansion has been the worst PvP I've ever experienced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
    Wait until the next expac, this whole expansion has been the worst PvP I've ever experienced.
    Seconded /10char

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    As said earlier, wait till WOD.
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    PvP wise only, it's not worth coming back.
    Not competetive at all. People are wintrading and interrupt bots are on rise again. I'd rate the PvP in this expansion even worse than what it was in Cataclysm.

    Wait till WoD like others have said, even tho I don't expect any major changes from Blizz.

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    It will probably be worth coming back for WOD, MOP by far is the worst (pvp wise) expansion to exist in the entire history of wow....

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    If anything practice in mop for WoD, by the looks on the talents things are not gonna change much.
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    This is probably the last patch for WoW until WoD is released. If you want, just wait until WoD is released. Doesn't make sense to come back when there is really nothing going on. I remember the last patch for cata was out for a year.

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    Not worth coming back unless you play warrior.

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