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    Shovel Knight: 0/10

    I just don't see the appeal, and can't fathom how it has 96% positive reviews on Steam. The whole thing is just a frustrating experience. Dying sucks, and they rub it in your face by taking your money and putting in over the pit that just killed you. Then you have to work your way through the same rooms again, but without any loot. And when you do finally make it to the end, it doesn't even feel rewarding. Made it half way through the plague knight level, and have no desire to pick it up again. Wish I could get my $25 back, but I bought it on the eshop on the switch.
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    ok Maybe NES Style platformers aren't your thing..and death isn't frustrating in Shovel Knight its literally an easier version of Dark Souls...

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    Dune2000 on OpenRa


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    Nioh 9/10. It's not made by them obviously but it's a worthy addition to the soulsborne games. More like Bloodborne than Dark souls.

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    Kingdom Hearts 1, 5/10

    Was sortof enjoyable, and for a PS2 game it is very high quality. Unfortunately I think age shows with this game for someone who isn't familiar with the series, and things we come to expect from games these days just aren't pleasant making it a less enjoyable experience both in gameplay & in story
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    Horizon Zero Dawn 9/10

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    Kamiko: 8/10

    I picked this up on the JP Switch eShop. The game has you going through 4 dungeons, similar to the top-down LoZ games, using 3 characters that have different abilities. The combat is a bit simplistic, but pretty fast paced. You have a basic attack, which may change if you chain it together on enemies, and a special attack that uses your saved combo points. I found myself rarely using the special attack, since the basic one is enough to get through most groups of enemies. There is only one place in the game where your special attack is required to progress. The combo points you earn are also used as currency throughout the dungeons, to purchase upgrades to your health or combo limit, or to get keys, open doors, etc.

    My main complaints are that the game isn't very long (only 4 7-15 minute dungeons), and that the upgrades to health and combo points aren't very well hidden.

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    6/10. Very fun when it worked. Too many problems right now. Hopefully it will make it to "launch".

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    Withcer 2

    9/10. Liked the story. Thought combat was too hard at beginning, but it got easier after gaining some levels.

    Assassin's Creed Blag Flag

    8/10. Liked pirate stuff, but didn't like combat or platforming. I don't think I will play another assassin's creed game..

    Dragon age Inquisition

    6/10. At beginning of this game... Combat feels boring and there are too many meaningless side quests. Done with it for now, but I will try to finish it later.

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    Very neverwinter nights-ish. But too much text!

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    mass effect andromeda- probably between 8 and 8.5 out of 10

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    Dying Light 7.5/10. I don't see me finishing this, but its fun for what it is. Its actually super challenging for a zombie game, but thats mainly due to the fact they arbitrarily make you unable to swing a lead pipe more than 4 times without getting knackered and unable to swing, and even those 4 swings its like hitting an elephant with a stick.

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    Yooka-Laylee: 8/10

    It's a cute, laid back adventure that revolves around platforming, simple puzzles, and collecting shiny stuff. Bit of a wonky camera at times, and the gibberish spoken by NPCs can make you reach for the ear plugs, but overall, it's a solid game that nails what it was intended to be - a throwback to platformers from the N64/PS1 days.

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    Witcher 3 hearts of stone: 8.9/10. Incredible story completely overshadowed by better and grander main quest story.

    Destiny Age of Triumph: 6/10. Same stuff again. Haven't done group pve yet and the score will probably go up a couple when I do them.

    Dues ex mankind divided: 8/10. Amazing world and story. Just not all that gripping.

    Mass effect andromeda: 6/10. Dead feeling open worlds.
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    Persona 5 10/10 - There are few games that as the credits roll, you get an intense bittersweet feeling. It's a sign that the game has taken you on a journey and while you're satisfied, you're also sad to see it end. Persona 5 is one of those games. It's badass, hilarious, dark, but also touching and it pulls it off with an incomparable amount of style.

    The game isn't perfect, but any issues I have with the game are honestly just nitpicks. It's one of the best games I've played in a very long time and is easily my GotY so far (and yes I've played Breath of the Wild).

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    Borderlands 2


    It's just quests without anything. "Go kill 8 of those mobs." Got the 6 because it has an ok gameplay. WoW might also have these kind of quests, but at least it's combined with other awesome stuff and storylines.

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    Mass Effect Andromeda

    (Copied from the Mass Effect topic thread)
    I am pretty much done with the game now and after playing I really do feel like I just played Dragon Age: Inquisition with guns. But at least with DA:I their ping /scan mechanic was better.

    The levels feel like a chore to get through. It doesn't flow that well, its pointless busy work. At least in Witcher 3 even the side quests and wanton discovery was present. This I just wanted to get through each zone as fast as possible.

    There are still a number of horrible bugs present. Like the voices being to quite, a quest giver running away when you are in a conversation with them, and the conversation widow highlighting walls and over head shots. As well as bugged out Kett drops

    Its an okay game, still despite its flaws, but I really prefer the smaller linear content from games now days. No more open world please. After playing through Witcher 3 and DA:I consecutively from 2014 to 2015, I never wanna play another open world again. And ME:A should have never went this route. I am burned out.

    Take away the bugs and open world chores of it, I say this game can still be pretty fun. The combat is awesome best bit of the game, using Bio-tech was fun, just throwing your enimies around got a few laughs. I actually liked the story I know a lot of people didn't. But I got some fun out of it,

    And like typical Bioware I love their characters. they always seem to make interesting characters in their games. Cora, Peebee, Vetra, Drack, Kallo, Gil, Suvi and even SAM I loved interacting with. Only Liam and Jaal annoyed me or I just found boring. Even Lexi, who I know who is played by my future never to be wife Natalie Dormer,churns in a boring dull character. But I digress. Characters, combat and story is what I loved about this game and which is what Bioware games are best at and I am glad.

    Also I wanted to romance two people and I couldn't, first I wanted Lexi, then realised I couldn't, then Suvi who only flirts with other women, so I said f*** that I aint having no one else, first Bioware game my character went unloved haha :P

    Glad I played it once, never wanna play it again.
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    Styx Shards of Darkness 6/10 some of the stuff was unnecessarily hard, like the dwarfs lol
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    Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow 7.5/10.
    Great handheld game (I had a airplane trip), good music, gameplay.

    Lose a point because they had to put a touch gimmick since it's on DS. You have the draw a rune on screen to finish a boss. Funny when it's a 2 lines rune, hell when it's a 10 lines one.

    Lose a point since I like to have 100% completion on my game but I had to restart it since I lost a boss soul crafting a weapon so I couldn't get that 100% without restarting.

    Losing half a point for going manga art still for the character portrait.
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    Cloud Pirates.
    Very fun to start with, but not convinced about its longevity.

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    Dark Souls 3 - The Ringed of City 8.7/10 - probably the best experience of all DS3. Its awesome looking, kinda hard but interesting.

    Mass Effect Andromeda - 6/10 - it's 'aight. Kind of got bored of it, maybe I'll pick it back up. Its certainly a step backwards, mechanically, from ME3.
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