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    Risk of Rain co-op 8/10 pretty fun. Though stupid happened yesterday where starting from the 2nd level the stone colossus spawned over and over and over and over and over. 10+ in one level. This proceeded to occur to the next levels also.

    Haven't finished the new Zelda one yet. My 3DS ran out of battery on the airplane cause I didn't charge it for ages, >.>

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    I'm up to the point of no return in Dead Island and doing some last minute exploring/questing/etc before going to the final chapter. So far:

    + Looks great. Huge world with decent variety. Whole vibe is really good.
    + Like the whole PNG/Pacific island theme, they clearly cared about authenticity (to a degree).
    + Finding Australian accents amusing for once instead of grating. Most of them are actually accurate! Might be a first.
    + Liked the character bios, even though it makes no difference to the actual game.
    + Gameplay is fun and can be challenging in parts.

    - Despite having an in depth backstory, all characters are the same ingame and plot is not a focus. Oh well.
    - It's actually kind of too long IMO.
    - Cars tend to get stuck (this applies to every game ever really).
    - The way the infrequent cutscenes work is weird and disorienting, maybe because I'm playing single player.
    - Enemy variety fairly low (common in lots of games).
    - Inventory management is a bit of a pain (again, common complaint).

    Hmm, I guess 8/10. Nothing seriously wrong with it, lots of good things about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toffie View Post
    Limbo: 9/10

    + Beautiful visuals.
    + Mildly challenging.
    + Amazing game soundtrack.
    + Controls are easy.

    - Short
    Yeah completely agree, the above probably describes 99% of cinematic platformers though :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Faldric View Post
    - balance is quite off. It's like every difficulty level = WoL difficulty -1. Except a few maps, Brutal is WoL Hard at best. Kerrigan is op.
    Maybe I'm not that good at RTS but I found Wings of Liberty seriously hard (some missions were nightmarish), I think they consciously toned down the difficulty in HotS. I liked HotS, I do agree that Kerrigan's motivation is a bit all over the place and it's frustrating that she's re-zerged when I spent the whole last game de-zerging her, but it's not that bad really. I'd say HotS was good but not amazing like WoL was (maybe I'm biased because I always liked Terran the best).
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - 9.1/10

    +Gorgeous game
    +Fluid gameplay
    +Crazy over the top storyline
    +Great boss battles
    +Challenging and interesting game mechanics
    +Innovative combat

    Though the game was actually pretty short, it didn't feel that way at all and honestly I'm still playing it for the VR missions and haven't even bought the DLCs. I can't even think of a negative that's how much I enjoyed the game so I should put a 10 but I know someone out there is going to point out something and make me ponder for a moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foil View Post
    Im catching up with 5 or 6 games ive played to within an hour or 2 of the end over the year.

    Uncharted 3 1st playthrough max difficulty - 9/10.
    Just finished this and what a load of shite the ending was.

    Game is a 9/10 right until the end where it feels a whole section had been chopped out at the last second.

    Fight some mid level enemies, walk round corner, boss falls in sand, end credits? BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Maybe I'm not that good at RTS but I found Wings of Liberty seriously hard (some missions were nightmarish), I think they consciously toned down the difficulty in HotS.
    I have been playing RTS since 1992, so my opinion may be biased according to my experience and skill, but I wouldn't call WoL campaign on Brutal that hard. Only the last Protoss mission gave me a headache (that is, until I decided to go mass Carriers - and steamrolled the mission), and the very last mission was challenging. Overall, WoL campaign is certainly harder than most RTS campaigns, but, in my opinion, it doesn't even come close to difficulty of Warcraft 3: TFT campaigns.
    HotS campaign was very easy. I didn't even have to restart a mission a single time. Most of the missions can be easily soloed by Kerrigan alone: she is too strong and can take down a decent army without any support.

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    Hearthstone is a exellent addition to the tcg genre. its fast, fun and leave you open for more. Can highly recommend it to everyone who desires a new tcg.

    9/10 since there is still very few visual bugs in the game. Granted still beta
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    Assassins Creed 4. It's completely surprised me how much I've been enjoying this game. I did not expect that at all.

    I tried the first AC when the series was brand new and I just got bored of it. Then later I tried AC3 and the same thing happened, I got bored fairly quickly.

    I'm also going to mention I don't really care a whole lot about pirates. It's just not a setting I've ever been a fan of. I'd probably watch One Piece except...pirates.

    So AC4 had quite a bit going against it for me, but I'm loving it. I think it's probably the best game on the ps4 right now.

    I'd say it deserves somewhere around an 8 or 9 out of 10. The controls seem a little funky sometimes when you're running around and climbing on walls, and it just gets a little aggravating when it happens, so for that it loses a point.
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    Dead Space 2 PC 8/10: I'm in love with this franchise. I wish I would have played part one first but I didn't think I was going to get into it the way I did. I will 100% pick up part 1 and 3.

    FarCry 3 PC 8/10: Story was great. Loved how you slowly transform from a scared college student to a fearless warrior. Loved the choice at the end too. Of course I picked the evil ending. You can go off and do thing that has nothing to do with the story. That's what I loved most.

    Mass Effect 1 PC 5/10: Sadly, couldn't even finish this game. Put 6 hours into it and it is the slowest game I have ever played. Read a bunch of reviews on what others were doing and it seems like most people recommend watching a recap of the story and skipping straight into Mass Effect 2 where the game play is much more fun and it still has plenty of story to go with it. In my 30 min of playing ME2 I have had more action then 4 or so hours of ME1. Havent played enough ME2 to comment about a rating.

    Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS 9/10: Little more then halfway though this game. It is fantastic. As a really big fan of the original Legend of Zelda I love this game. I never really got to play A Link to the Past mainly because I never had a SNES system but playing A Link Between Worlds makes me want to go and play it after Im finished.

    I won't comment on games I haven't put enough time into to make a good judgement such as Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus for PS3 and Just Dance 4 for the 360. I can tell you playing Just Dance 4 with my 6 year old son has been a great form of exercise and fun. I was knocking Christmas balls off the three the other day. Not much room in the house with all the opened presents and tree in the living room. Soon as that tree comes down though, shits going to get real!
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    Borderlands 2


    Great story, great humor, great music, great atmo. great everything.

    just miss the the connection to the characters of the game. they are all funny and so but i miss some depth

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    Pokemon X: 7/10. To me, Pokemon X wasn't amazing, but it was still pretty good. I beat the game in like 2 weeks and already did all the after Pokemon League stuff, so now I am left to fill my Pokedex. It gets a 7 for three main reasons:

    1. I hated the storyline. It was just the typical "Help this evil team is taking over the world!" storyline that is overused and needs to change. Vastly inferior to the Black/White storyline. But hey it was much better than Black 2/White 2.
    2. Not much to do after you beat the game.
    3. Pokemon Bank. Even though it is technically a separate service, I am not happy that I have to pay money to be able to transfer Pokemon from B/W/B2/W2 when Pokemon transferring has been a built in feature of previous games.
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    3. Pokemon Bank. Even though it is technically a separate service, I am not happy that I have to pay money to be able to transfer Pokemon from B/W/B2/W2 when Pokemon transferring has been a built in feature of previous games.
    That's pretty much my biggest complaint with the game as well. I just want a way to transfer characters from previous games without needing an internet connection to do so, dont know why they didn't just add that as a feature you could do after you beat the main game at least or something.

    From my recent pick-ups and what not:

    The Smurfs 2 for Wii U
    -First time I saw this I thought it was just garbage shovel ware. By chance I happened to find a video of a play through of it online and was surprised to see that it was a classic looking sidescroller instead of generic crap mini games. This did spark my interest in it as something to look for if i ever saw it in a bargain bin, especially after I found out that WayForward had created it. I recently finally found a brand new copy for pretty much nothing so I picked it up and I have to say its an ok game, just as I had hoped. The platforming is generic as hell, but its nothing unplayable, just seemed like a modern day equivalent of lots of licensed platformers I have played on older systems. I liked that each character had their own unique abilities, there's also an added co-op mode and each stage has a set of achievement like challenges to unlock as well as new characters to unlock. The game also reminded me a lot of the Smurfs game I own for the original GameBoy which I also enjoy, though that one is far more challenging then this title. Basically I would say it was a good pick-up for the price I found it for, certainly not DuckTales Remastered licensed game quality, but certainly not The Mask of Zorro for GameBoy Color quality shit. I would give the game a 5/10.

    Anarchy Reigns for PS3
    -First off, I have to say I am disappointed that the Bayonetta DLC that was suppose to come with the game was apparently only for copies purchased at launch. However, I also give props to Platinum for making a game with an online multiplayer mode and not mixing in a bunch of trophies/achievements that force you to deal with it (if you are a completionist). I like how the game feels like Platinum was trying to update and give a modern release of classic beat-em-ups (just like MadWorld) and for the most part it feels exactly like that, a modern stage brawler. However instead of linear stages the main levels in the game are open-world arena type areas where you have multiple missions to complete and hidden items to find. I haven't tried the actual multiplayer mode yet (and I am disappointed there doesn't appear to be an offline co-op), but my experience with the single player campaign has been pretty good. I would give it a 7/10.

    Harry Potter (and the Sorcerers Stone) for GameBoy Color
    -I had played the 2nd game (the Chamber of Secrets) for the GameBoy Color before this game and I thought that one was pretty decent for creating a Harry Potter turn based RPG instead of just making something far more generic that most licensed games would do. I was happy to find out that this first game is also pretty much exactly the same as its sequel, only difference being the plot. Both games are basically the same other then the story, so I give the game about a 6/10, same as I would the 2nd game.

    MegaMan Anniversary Collection for X-Box
    -I already have the GameCube version of this, I only picked up the X-Box version because from what I have heard its the best of the three console releases of it. The main feature I wanted it for, which the Cube version lacked, was the remixed soundtracks for the first 6 games that I think were taken from the Japanese PS1 re-releases of said games. It also includes the features that were exclusive to the Cube and PS2 versions of the game and I also think it may contain some new content as well that I haven't noticed yet. Since I would give the Cube version an 8/10, I would give the X-Box version a 8.5 out of 10 since its the most complete version.

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    Dust: An Elysian Tale 7/10

    Gameplay is surprisingly complex for a side-scroller. It's fun, but they kind of tease you with the possibility of tons of combos, and then limit you to like three. So it gets a little repetitive. The good thing is that they reward you. If you keep your combo up, you get more XP. Story is good, though I'm not done yet so who knows. Dialogue is awesome. Fidget makes the game funny and interesting with her comments. Controls are a tad off. Jumping becomes an issue because the game takes a sec to recognize that you landed, so multiple hops becomes impossible. Also, turning while in combat becomes difficult because you have to completely stop attacking to turn. And the game expects you to never get hit, because any single attack deals a LOT of damage. The bomb fruits that you have to deal with are more annoying than anything, and don't really make for fun puzzles. Often, they get stuck, or end up on spikes and blow up prematurely. But the crafting is cool, and really in-depth for such a simple looking game. Also, Fidget, did I mention Fidget?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sj View Post
    Chrono Cross: 9/10

    Most people don't think it's as good as Chrono Trigger, but in a lot of ways I think it's better, namely combat system and story. Soundtrack is one of the best in gaming. Being an "unconventional" sequel may have hurt its reception by diehards and loyalists, but I think it made for better storytelling. The game's overall theme of "alive in one timeline, dead in the other" contained a lot of emotion. The main ending was a bit of a letdown, in that Schala's story was set up to where it could have played out countless ways. The overabundance of characters was a little distracting in that most of them were inconsequential to the story overall, even if having all of that party customization was a boon. Also knowing how much of the story was scrapped due to time constraints... it breaks my heart thinking about how much we missed out on.
    I read this almost all the way through, thinking, "wow, finally somebody thinks the way I d...oh" and I realized who it was.

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    Meh i'll do last few
    Resident Evil 5 5-10 completely off the path of a good resident evil game, Not only is dying all but impossible both the MC's are actually together and the Horror part is gone as well. The story is also nearly the same as 4 just with Buffage MCfunnyface.

    Alan wake+dlc+standalone expansion 10/10 Great story,great gameplay the only things a good game needs.

    Dead space 3, Great story ending Great gameplay 10/10

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    Super Mario 3D World

    When I first saw the game on a Nintendo Direct I thought it looked like yet another New Super Mario Bros just with a 3D world perspective, but I'm happy to say that after playing it I was more than wrong. This is probably the most fun I've had with any Mario game ever, it could very well be the best Mario game ever along with Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3. However, the game does relay a lot on the Multiplayer aspect, I played the whole game through with my brother and I can't imagine it would have been as entertaining if I had played it alone, because of that I'd recommend playing it with a friend.

    Great gameplay, awesome multiplayer, amazing graphics for a Mario game, but maybe not the greatest single-player game, I give it 9/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naftc View Post
    Meh i'll do last few
    Resident Evil 5 5-10 completely off the path of a good resident evil game, Not only is dying all but impossible both the MC's are actually together and the Horror part is gone as well. The story is also nearly the same as 4 just with Buffage MCfunnyface.

    Alan wake+dlc+standalone expansion 10/10 Great story,great gameplay the only things a good game needs.

    Dead space 3, Great story ending Great gameplay 10/10
    I strongly suggest you replay RE5 on the highest difficulty and come back on how easy it was. Not a single RE was ever hard and the only horror feeling it ever had was because it was new. You wouldn't be jumping from a horror movie from 1960 either.

    The fact you consider Alan Wake a higher standard is enough for me, Alan Wake started interested but the combat doesn't change the entire game. The first enemy I faced did the same fucking thing as the enemies I faced 5 hours later with no difficulty increase whatsoever. It had great potential but they flushed it down the toilet with the combat.


    Assassins Creed 2: 8/'s a rather simple game but switched a lot between cinematics and gameplay which kept me interested for a long time. Also exploring and doing your own thing at your own pace is a big +. I love games which give you freedome to wathever you like to an extend.
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    Kingdoms of Amalur PC


    Average RPG with MMO like feel. Good for about 75-100 hours off content if you max it. In the end it gets booring and repetive cause off crappy quest design, and way to easy game with little or no challenge. I haven't played a skyrim like RPG before, so it was good for me, but it got booring fast.
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    Bravely Default: 7/10. Story was pretty predictable (save the villain twist) and the setting was nothing special, but I really enjoyed the gameplay, the job system, and the boss fights. Squeenix seemed to predict this response from players, what with the last three chapters being marathon bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sj View Post
    Most people don't think it's as good as Chrono Trigger, but in a lot of ways I think it's better, namely combat system and story. Soundtrack is one of the best in gaming.
    Though I have never played the games, I can definitely agree that Chrono Cross has an awesome soundtrack.

    Icewind Dale 2 - 8/10
    The last of the Infinity Engine (same as its predecessor, the Baldurs Gate saga, and afaik Planescape: Torment). It's main strengths are the party / character creation and evolvement, and the combat. Though, as IWD1, it gets very easy in the end, when you have a good party. The story is ok, though nothing special. The soundtrack is good, and has some very beautyful tracks fitting to the areas.

    World of Goo - 8/10
    I got it on the Steam sales (for ~1€), and didn't play it that much these days. Though I played it some years ago. It's a very good puzzle game. The two main strengths are the physics (how the goos behave) and the diversity and creativity of the levels. It has an amazing soundtrack, too.

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    Metro: Last Light (PC) - 8.5/10
    First of all Metro has BY FAR the best Graphics (especially Lighting) I have seen this Year, its not even close. Other than that the Sound is great and the Gunplay is awesome as well. The game does a great job make you feel you are in a dark, hopeless post-apocalyptic world. There are some parts that are scary as shit. The story is standard and obviously can not compete with Games like Bioshock Infinite. The only letdown, except the not that great story is the length of the Game (~9-11hrs).
    Overall its clearly the best Shooter of 2013 - without much competition.

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    Got gifted Tomb Raider and finished it soon after lol. Totally loved the game so going with the most biased 10/10.

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