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    That's literally "no reason". Their child died and aya went to kiss cleopatra's ass while Bayek was the only one avenging his son.
    Then he is helping cleopatra, because she is convenient for the story.
    Pharaoh's advisor (who was de facto ruler of Egypt instead of Cleopatra's brother) was in Order, so Aya just took another path to taking vengeance. Cleopatra also knew the targets Bayek needed to take out, when he started, he had no idea what he was up against.
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    Looking for Raid.
    They never found one though

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    Doom Eternal's Ancient Gods DLC, part one - 8/10

    Doom Eternal was amazing, and moar of it is always welcome. Overall a quite good DLC, with 3 massive levels offering more of the non-stop demon slaughtering I love so much. That said, I do have a few issues with it; some of the difficulty is kind of bullshit (like the Spirit foes that buff an enemy into ridiculousness and makes them immune to any and all CC), the second level has just too many annoying environmental hazards, and the music just isn't anywhere near as good as Mick Gordon's work. I did like the lore, and the final cutscene is great even if it's such a massive tease for Part Two.

    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III - 6/10

    Oooh boy. I actually bought this back in the days and had it refunded presto when I saw what it was. Saw it for literally less than five dollars recently and thought why not. And yeah, at that price it's good enough I suppose, but this is still nowhere near as good as the first two. Animations are all over the place from amazing (the Wraithknights especially) to poor (Dreadnaughts for instance) to WTF (Gabriel Angelos doing backflips in Terminator armor...). In motion the battles look quite good but quickly become such an undistinctive mosh pit that I struggle to understand what is even going on. Which is not helped by the cramped level design and lack of any real cover mechanic. On top of all that, hero units feel overpowered to me, and the campaign is supremely uninspired. Performance is decent, most of the bugs seem to have been squashed and the models in isolation often look good, but the game just too much of a lack of quality for it not to be very, very noticeable.

    Still, there's fun to be had, and again for 5$ there's no reason to at least try. But it still left me disappointed, especially when I think back to how much I loved the second game.
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    Trails of Cold Steel 1: 8/10 - Trails of Cold Steel 2: 9/10 - Trails of Cold Steel 3: 9.5/10

    Picked up ToCS1 completely randomly due to a severe dry spell of new games + Shadowlands delayed. Was on the fence about it for a long time since it seemed kinda low budget from trailers. Well colour me surprised!!! The graphics definitely arent on the level of Final Fantasy etc, but they're good enough. The story and characters however.. Whoweeee... Probably some of the best I've ever seen in a game. If you like JRPG's of course, otherwise you'd probably find them a bit silly. I bought the 2nd and 3rd game seconds after i finished the first, and the enjoyment only ramped up as I went along. ToCS3 have a massive graphics upgrade (We're talking PS2 graphics -> PS4 graphics), making it quite a lot more enjoyable. The games needs to be played in succession. You cant start the 3rd without playing 1 and 2 since it's the same protagonist and characters and you will be extremely confused. This jumped from "never heard about" directly into my top 10, or maybe even top 5 of games ever played (and there's been a lot).
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    Poly Bridge: 7/10
    Really nice puzzle game, in which you have to build bridges to bring vehicles from A to B. Simple principle and nothing really new, but well done. There is a large number of different maps available, with many possible different approaches for each. Definitely worth the price.
    There is however a huge downside. The physics are not (completely) deterministic. There is an uncertainty of 1-2 percent of the stress on different parts of the bridge. As everything below 100% means the bridge stands and doesn't break or degrade, and everything above means it breaks, this can lead to completely different results of the exact same bridge in multiple tries. I havent seen a map yet, where this would be a major issue in practice, because you can almost always improve on the design and stability. Still, this is really weird for a physics puzzle game, and I have no idea why they implemented something like this.

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    Aya served her and he trusted Aya's judgement, nothing more.
    Cleopatra : "Ah Bayek, you have killed the <random animal name> for me. The next man i want you to kill is called the <random animal name>."
    Bayek: "Why? I have no quarrel with him. I'm just a constable of a small village in the desert."
    Cleopatra : "Because your wife works for me. Thats why."

    Thats basically the story of Origins as far as i have played.

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    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: 1/10

    In general, i love space action sims. I grew up with Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer etc.
    So i was interested in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. But man oh man, this game sucks.

    The general game systems are bad. A big motivation in these games is getting better ships and better equipment. Here, everything is available to buy in the first station, right from the start of the game. And the game more or less expects you to grind boring random missions to upgrade because of it's spikey difficulty and random shit. You can't really do much with the first ships. Even with the best ship and and all equipement on level 3 out of 4 i still had early story missions that were impossible. So i grinded until i had the best of everything before i could really play the "story".
    Oh most ships are really ugly (at least for me) and have a cockpit that covers from half to two thirds of your screen.

    Combat is a mixture of too easy and too hard. The game has an autopursuit button (left trigger) and an autoshoot button (right trigger) that even shoots automatically at the moving target indicator. So combat is: - target nearest enemy ship - press left trigger - press right trigger until boom - repeat. You don't have to move the sticks at all.
    But, the game throws so many enemies at you and they all spam so many missiles that you can die really quick. You can't really do anything against that, the best ecm fires every 4 sec and has a 75% chance of catching one missile. Doesn't help if 10 ships spam missiles at you. You just have to have the shields and armor to take them.
    The mission variety is really small. Kill everything, kill everything and scan an object, kill everything and locate an object or kill all mines. 95% of the missions are just kill everything. No surprises, no aliens, no scary unknown ships, no stealth, nothing.
    And they force you to travel sooo much. I'd say 60% of the game is just going from one side of the galaxy to the next. And traveling is sooo boring and takes quite long.

    The story is barely existing and stops in the middle. I had to google that i finished the game because i was wondering why i didn't get any more missions. There is nothing at stake, no surprises, no threat, nothing. Not even a memorable final mission. It's one of the worst stories i ever saw in a video game.
    You can also buy and build up a space station in the game but even that stops in the middle before you can put all commodities in the station.
    I don't know if they want to sell DLCs or something, everything just stops in the middle.

    The soundtrack is really awesome, though.
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    Wasteland 3 - 8/10

    Vacation week so I got on Gamepass and saw that this little thing was on it. Pleasantly surprised thus far. The second one was fairly decent but absolutely plagued with stupid shit only there to be old school, this one streamlines in the right ways from what I've seen and I've barely save scummed at all so far. The story setup is also pretty intriguing even if the characters as a whole do tend to take a dive towards the unlikeable at some point or another. Combat's pretty fun if somewhat swingy in terms of difficulty between fights. All in all it scratches the RPG itch I had quite well.
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    Crash 3: Warped - 7.5/10

    I dunno why but the game felt very short compared to the other two. It kinda bothered me that each dimension had a theme, but the levels themselves just had themes that didn't match the dimension at all. As for the gimmick levels, the races were pretty cool, but the rest were either too easy to the controls were frustrating. Better than Crash 1, worse than Crash 2 imo.

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    A Plague Tale: Innocence - 9/10

    Short and very good story-driven stealth game set under the Dark Ages during The Black Plague. You're tasked with sneaking and protecting your little brother, who is the heir to the estate, from the Inquisition and to keep him safe from the plague and its spreaders. Really tense and atmospheric, sometimes nightmarish. Amazing graphics. It feature rats that devour literally any living thing that step out of the light, which you can use to your advantage. The story is kind of simplistic but it is told in such an amazing manner, that it doesn't really matter. You get upgrades and some really cool late game powers by the end. Pretty short as well, me using around 8 hours to complete the main story, which is pretty nice if you're like me and don't always have a lot of time available to invest into a single-player game.

    To conclude: Amazingly horrific atmosphere, incredible graphics for a game that is not AAA, tense gameplay and a great story.

    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - 9.5/10

    Bought this in a whim with my friend when it was on sale a few months ago. An incredible Left 4 Dead-style Co-op game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Instead of zombies you kill thousands of the rat-like Skaven and Chaos-corrupted humans. A lot of varied missions, different classes to play and level up, items to equip and amazing banter between the characters make this game one of the best multiplayer experiences I have had in a long time. The voice acting in this game is probably one of the best I have heard in ages and the banter between the different characters can be utterly hilarious at times.

    I can not state how much fun it is to play this game with friends. It is currently on sale on Steam with 75% off, so I highly recommended getting it if you want a game where you can mess around with your friends and have a great time.

    edit: just realized both these games feature rats extensively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppincaps View Post
    Better than Crash 1, worse than Crash 2 imo.
    Yeah, Crash 2 is definitely the best one.
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    Ghostrunner. Haven't finished it yet, but so far it's a solid 8/10. The game looks amazing, plays smooth as butter, the aesthethics are right up my alley, the voice acting is a lot better than i thought it would be, and the gameplay is simple but engaging.

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    Nexomon Extinction:

    Such an amazing take to monster collecting games. The story was so juicy in comparison to all the cheesy dialogues of Pokémon.

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2: 9/10

    More fun than the first one, albeit it bringing less to the table as far as original ideas go. A marvelous platformer and an incredible Mario game.

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    Enter the Gungeon: 8/10 so far and may go higher over time. Had lost the cartridge and found it looking for my passport. I feel I’ll put bindings of issac hours into this one.

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    yu-no a girl who chants love at the bound of this world - 1/10

    Saw heaps of good reviews about this game but I'm personally finding it super tedious. It's a visual novel so I fully expect it to be text heavy but most of the dialogue is just boring crap to the point I find myself skipping past it.

    I really like the fact that it has alot of interaction and isn't pretty much straight reading like Steins gate.

    I'm gonna persist with it and hopes it gets better but I don't have high hopes

    Thanks to Shyama for this beautiful signature <3

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    Superliminal. 8/10.

    Liked the message. Loved the gameplay, even though it was a bit on the easy (and quick) side. You can beat it in one sitting.

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    Metro Exodus - 8/10

    Definitely a departure from series tradition and feels more like STALKER at times- not a bad thing, mind you, but what the game gained in open-endedness and (IMO) better character writing it lost in atmosphere during the transition. Not that said atmosphere is bad now, some levels are really well done but I liked the other two game's approach of the Metro being claustrophobic and dimly lit, but still feels like home somehow, while the surface is a radiated hellscape where you want to spend as little time as possible and where humanity is more prey than predator. In this one you spend 90% of the time on the surface and it's no different than any post-apoc game really.

    Still, beyond that it's a good game, the gunplay is solid and the challenge feels entirely appropriate on Hardcore, punishing carelessness without just making enemies bullet sponges. It retains the series's immersive roots and I'm enjoying my time a lot, the character banter is pretty great too even if the colonel's Russian accent is... less than convincing to my ears.
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    Legion. Got it for free at least, but gotta be a 6/10.

    5/10 if the context of getting it for free with a brand new 30 series Nvidia card, and it running like dogshit, is factored in lol.

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    Terraria: 9/10

    Minecraft done right. Bit shame it's 2D only, I would love game like terraria (bosses focused) but in 3D. Terraria is first 2D game i enjoyed for long time.
    Endless amount of possibilities, endless crafting recepis, hard bosses, amazing weapons, Easter eggs. It's really hard to explain this phenomenon.

    And I haven't even tried any mods to it yet.

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    Solasta EA 5/10

    Indie isometric RPG D&D 5e turn-based game that targets $40.

    Basically 2010 3D graphics marries linear storytelling with forgettable characters.

    IMO its only value is that it brings most faithful 5e D&D adaptation as 3D video game and it turn-based too, both of which work decently well.

    The problem is that there is little else there and it's almost unacceptably linear for RPG in 2020, heck there is literally one path there story-wise and while they did put up factions there, it's nothing more than WoW-style reputation factions with quartermaster for now.

    Its saving grace for now is that it's early access first Act for now, so maybe down the road it will get better, but it will need to totally change its course to be anything more than 6/10 in the end.

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    Middle-Earth: Shadows of War.

    8/10. Great game and the amount of work put into the nemesis system and dynamic ranking of orcs is astounding. Some drawbacks that you can't send orcs from different regions on missions while you are not in that region. As well as having time pass more frequently than when you do specific quests. Would make sending them out on missions matter more as well as you have to plan further ahead. You could also manage multiple regions. Now you feel locked down and that you have to do every mission you create yourself. Or as I just did which is just ignoring doing anything with followers and just capture all the orcs, that way time will never pass and new warchiefs / captains won't appear making it easy to invade.

    Read that they are working on a new game with even more improvements to the nemesis system so I am eager to see what Monolith Productions have in store for that game. Won't be Middle-Earth 3 though.

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    Alien: Isolation

    I bought this when it was first released. Played 6 hours and drowned myself in other games so it got shelved.
    Decided to give it another go last September and finished it last night.

    I find it hard to rate his game. Birds eye view I'll give it a 8/10, but this game is just too long. I'll stick with the 8/10 but with the following comments:

    This game is waaaay too long (I think I finished it in about 25 hours, PS4 so can't really check time played) and the threat of the Alien gets diminished after X amount of hours which really is a shame and doesn't do the game justice.

    At first it puts you on the edge of your seat, giving you a sense of danger and fragility since you can't kill it. But after so many hours it became nothing more than an annoyance that was just another obstacle in the way of 'finally' finishing the game. It's dragged out a bit too long, and the number of times you have to backtrack doesn't help either. And there are quite a bunch of backtracking moments. A particular sequence where you are outside the space station and have to do a few tasks in a slow walking spacesuit stands out: you have to walk X to Y three times in a painstakingly slow shuffle without any reason at all. If the engineers of the space station put a bit more thought in the layout this would have never been designed the way it was.

    At some point (after dying a few times) you'll know where the Alien does / doesn't spawn resulting in just sprinting past certain area's since there's no point in sneaking about. And there are a couple of "Oh jees, if I walk past X, surely not an Alien would pop out in my face now would it?!" moments which of course are a jump-scare you could see coming from miles away. This was towards the end tho, the bulk of jump scares are actually well done!

    If I look past all the above I would say the game itself is really cool. Up until the point you get used to the Alien and it starts to drag out a bit, this game is a very solid horror game and I can recommend it to everybody who enjoys horror games. Just take into account that it is a very looooooong game that could have easily been cut into half, or even into a third of what it ended up being. That might have even done it more justice since the whole point is to fear the Alien all the time - instead of it becoming an annoyance.

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