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    That would have too be Xcom - Enemy Unknown 9-10

    Got so say I loved it and I didn't think I would, now waiting the x amount of hours until I can jump back in with enemy within! ^^

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    Monster hunter 3 (3ds) - 9/10

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    Truth be told last game i played was wow. i would rate it 7/10 as it is right now. We all know it, all the reasons it is a solid game.

    beside that Hearstone 8/10 Great game so addicting, probaly 9 could be 10. it is just amazing. RNG is RNG so can make you angry but other times you hit 6 HP in turn 8 and win with 1 HP after turning it around makes it such a great game

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    empire: total war. 6/10

    it is kind of interesting at first, now i just keep loading it up because the last few games i've tried have been awfully boring.

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    Torchligth II - at least 7/10

    Maybe it will increase, I am only lvl 20 on my first char. So far I like it even though the combat does not feel as polished as in D3 and the UI is not as good either. Will have to see what comes later on in the game with crafting and enchanting and all the stuff I have not done yet. If those are good, it can go up to 8/10
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    For me Xcom:EW. Would give it 9/10. Xcom: Ufo Defense was what got me into PC gaming when I was a teenager, and I absolutely loved the re-imagining that 2k put on it.

    Only problem I have with the game are those "That's Xcom baby!" moments when one of my soldiers misses a 99% shot then proceeds to get murdered on the aliens next turn.

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    Wow 6/10. Enjoying alt leveling. End game is pretty boring though.

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    Gta v - 11/10
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    Oldschool doom type game. 8/10, personally I enjoy it every time except the puzzles can be confusing.

    X-Com enemy unknown doesnt deserve any rating above an 8 to the few who have said it. Decently entertaining to be sure, but lacking in alot of places. Sorry I am a little biased after playing the original Xcom's that came out 20 years ago and had twice the depth, complexity and difficulty than enemy unknown did. Literally 5 fights in I knew exactley where and how the 100% non-random enemies would act and what they would be, and on the second highest difficulty I lost a total of 5 soliders in the entire game, most on the last fucking mind control bullshit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    I like how when people complain about getting killed by kill shot which can have a 43 yard range, no resource cost, and can be used again if it doesn't kill and everyone says WELL, HEY, YOU KNOW, IT IS CALLED KILL SHOT
    but when a warrior does it, clearly the ability's name is "useless wet noodle piece of shit strike with an exorbitant rage cost that should do the same damage as MS"

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    Actually i just remembered, last game i played yesterday was Trackmania United. Which has been for the last 7 years and still is and always will be a 100/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisnamesucks View Post
    Oldschool doom type game. 8/10, personally I enjoy it every time except the puzzles can be confusing.
    Wow, I'm not the only one still playing these games!
    Have you also played Heretic? It's quite good as well, though there are much fewer puzzles and it's 100% linear.

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    -Ghostbusters II (GameBoy)
    A sort of port of the Ghostbusters II game released on the NES by HAL in Japan and PAL territories. It, along with the previously mentioned NES version and Sega's platformer version for the MegaDrive/Genesis, are the only games from the era worth playing based on the films. I would give the game a 6/10.

    -Robodemons (NES)
    An unlicensed game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released by Color Dreams who is usually remembered for releasing games with a heavy Christian theme. Using some kind of boomerang weapon thing, you must travel through the different layers of the underworld to kill the demon lord Kull and his army of devil cyborg shitheads. A rule of thumb I use when dealing with unlicensed NES games is that if it was released by Camerica or Tengen then its probably at least somewhat decent, anything else and you are probably gonna have a bad time. I will say that Robodemons is at least playable and on the better end of the crap-o-meter. I would give it a 3/10 when compared to other NES games.

    -Alice in Wonderland (GameBoy Color)
    Based on Disney's animated version from the 1950s and released by Disney Interactive. This is one of the best looking and graphically impressive games on the Color, which would make sense since it came out near the end of its lifespan. The game is a very enjoyable platformer that actually delivers a fair amount of challenge, far more then would be expected for its target audience. The game also possesses a BATTERY PACK SAVE FEATURE! The only real downside with the game is the sound and music which is pretty piss poor quality. Beyond that however the game is great, and when I mean great I mean 90s Capcom Disney game great. I would give the game a 7/10.

    -Batman (GameBoy)
    Released by Sunsoft as a companion game to their NES Batman game, which are both based on the 1980s film. Sunsoft decided Batman would be cooler if they just ignored his back story altogether and gave him a gun to use in this GameBoy version which thus creates an almost Mega Man style game. The game play is actually very fun and different then the NES counterpart and it has a very good soundtrack. I give it a 7/10.

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    Akrham Origins on PC -- solid 8.5.

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    Mass Effect 1. Loved the story, didn't really like the gameplay. So I guess somewhere between 7.5 and 8.5.

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    Last game I played was Dota 2! I'll give it 10/10, it's perfect for someone who loves the genre and loves challenges.

    I did give LoL my fourth attempt last week (got closed beta when there was like 1k people online at the same time when I gave it my first shot). I just couldn't stand it, still can't. Some games for kids are fun, but this one is just.. Bad =/ 3/10.

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    XCOM Enemy Within, loving it sofar 8/10 would like to add that i have not played any xcom before and it was along time since i played a good turnbased game.

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    Risk of Rain - 9/10
    Very fun, good replayability, awesome concept. This is one of my favourite indie games that's come out recently, and I'd really recommend it if you like rogue-likes or randomly generated games. My only complaint is that while it starts off being fairly difficult, once you reach a certain point your character becomes overpowered and it's nearly impossible to die.

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    Nox. 9/10. It's a pretty fantastic game, if a bit outdated. Graphics aren't too horrible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy View Post
    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.

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    XCOM Enemy Within 9/10, I really enjoyed XCOM Enemy Unknown and I hope to see more content and expansions down the road.

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    Except WoW, which is the ONE game I play since relase?

    Path of Exile: 5/10
    This is worse than D3 for me, and I abandoned D3 with lvl 57. No motivation.

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