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    Last Game You Played and What You Would Rate It Out of 10

    Taking a page out of the rate a movie thread, I thought it'd be fun to rate the last video game you've played.

    Please avoid 0/10 (unless it's completely broken), 10/10 (unless it's truly gaming nirvana with virtually zero faults), and/or ratings with no comments.

    So without further ado, my last game that I played:

    Electronic Super Joy

    Steam Link

    The first thing I noticed about the game was that I liked the visuals and atmosphere...but that's about all I can praise about the game. I constantly kept dying, and while this can be acceptable for a difficult platformer, I constantly felt as if I was dying unfairly. This is completely unacceptable for a platformer, and something I feel that is justifiable for rage-quitting, permanently. I didn't get very far into the game, but what little I did see, I didn't see anything new...but I can't say for certain that they don't introduce anything new later in the game, so I won't count this against the game. Ultimately, while I didn't get too far into the game, I couldn't get past the constant (and seemingly unfair) deaths.

    Rating: 6/10.

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    Batman Arkham Asylum

    Awesome atmosphere, fluid combat, great characters, lots of stuff to find.

    Negative things:
    Only 4-5 enemy types, to much backtracking to solve all the riddlers challenges,

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    Cave Story+

    Very fun and very charming game. It has some really silly humour and is just a really neat game overall. This is a retro-style indie game done right and probably ranks as one of my favourite indie games around. My only complaint is that I would've liked the game to be longer, but it didn't feel too short either. So it really isn't so much of a complaint as it is a desire to play more of the game! I'd recommend it.

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    Papers, Please! - 10/10

    A masterpiece of game design and psychology. It is in essence what all game design strives to achieve in the process from theory to practice.

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    Journey 10/10

    Those visuals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faldric View Post
    Batman Arkham Asylum

    Awesome atmosphere, fluid combat, great characters, lots of stuff to find.

    Negative things:
    Only 4-5 enemy types, to much backtracking to solve all the riddlers challenges,
    I played it recently and I'd give it a 9-10/10 personally.

    True about the backtracking but the Asylum's not all that big and backtracking is expected for collectibles IMO. I always got lost trying to find my way back to the Batcave though :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. 8/10.
    It's monstrous fun. The only reason it's not getting a 10, is that a single player version is no where to be found. Make it like Warband + descent multiplayer = 10
    I like juice

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    Minecraft - Tekkit classic mod(s!)

    Been playing Tekkit Classic on a Survival multiplayer server with a couple of friends for the last week, a ton of fun!
    Tekkit ads a bunch of cool new stuff to minecraft like self-digging quaries, computers, electricity, alchemy, jetpacks++++

    Like normal Minecraft, once you've built what you set out to build in the first place, there's not that much more to do than find something else to build.

    I've no idea what to write here.

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    Europa Universalis IV

    Great successor to the legendary Europa Universalis III, it improves on nearly every aspect, removing annoying features that didn't really add to the gameplay and adding many new ones, especially for diplomacy and trade. Truly the best grand strategy game ever created. As in EU3, you can pick any country at the period between 1444 and 1812, and then it is a completely sandbox game: you don't have clear goals and are free to do whatever you want. You can try to conquer half the globe. You can build a peaceful country which specializes in economy, trade and diplomacy, leaving warfare aside. You can pick a small weak country in economical crisis lost between vast empires dreaming of annexing it and try to survive. Finally, thanks to a great modability, you can create any possible scenario: you can even recreate World War II and try to win it as Japan, if you have enough patience.

    There are a few reasons this game doesn't get 10/10, even though in its genre the game doesn't have any real competition. First of all, sometimes weird AI is still there: countries from the other side of the globe still sometimes declare you a war for no visible reason and, even though you have no real means to participate in this war due to it being against a country somewhere at the center of Africa while you are Khmer, the war is still registered and your country suffer economically from it. Then, money is no longer as precious as it was in EU3: in fact, if you are a good player, you most probably will have so much money that there is no way you can spend it at any reasonable project, unless it is to "buy" half the Earth. Finally, the game is poorly optimized: it lags graphically even on good computers, even though the graphical component of the game is rather insignificant.

    The great things about this game are its complexity and a big community of history fans and seasoned players. There are hundreds of AARs (After Action Reports) in which people describe their games, their decisions and reasons for them, etc. A lot of stuff to learn and just have fun reading. If you like this game, after signing up on Paradox forums you will love it 10 times more.

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    Lego Marvel
    Pretty fun, standard Lego game, but with "blockbuster special effects"

    Arkhan Origins
    Decent story, full of small bugs that scream HALF ASSED!, combat looks the same, but feels out of synch, boring city full os dead ends, therefore, you can't really fly around. Couple of game breaking bugs.
    Would be a disapointment if I wasn't expecting it to be worse than the others, since Rocksteady wasn't involved.

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    Formula 1 2013

    Have not played a F1 racing game in a while, and I have to say I am really enjoying this. It covers all the basics of F1 racing and it has really good depth to it. From career and season challenges, to scenarios and time based objectives, and of course an online portion, it's more that enough content to keep you playing for a very long time.

    Also, this year they introduced classic races, but I have to say it's lacking. Only few cars and they're from different eras, limited classic race tracks and a lot of things locked behind, quite expensive DLCs. But I have to say, they did a good job making you feel it's a classic race, it's not just a reskin. The tracks have very few indicators, the cars sound different, handle different and they feel more aggressive (they were V6 turbo charged back then). The driver actually changes the gears using the stick on the right hand side, since the cars used fully manual transmission. Limited indications on the cockpit, no KERS, no DRS. So there is good detail and it feels authentic.

    Overall a very good experience, I just wish for more classic content and less money-grabbing DLCs. I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faldric View Post
    Batman Arkham Asylum

    Awesome atmosphere, fluid combat, great characters, lots of stuff to find.

    Negative things:
    Only 4-5 enemy types, to much backtracking to solve all the riddlers challenges,
    My rating was not intended as average or bad. I just tried to follow the guideline that 10/10 is perfect and 0/10 is complete garbage.

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    Diablo 2:LoD 9/10

    Sure, the graphics are outdated, but there's not many games that I still play fairly often 13 years after they debuted. The only reason it's not 10/10 is because of the various bugs and exploits that have been in the game for years.

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    Bioshock Infinite

    Last game i played all the way through this autumn thus far, getting a 8/10 from me, beautiful game with a lot of twists and turns in its plot and decent gameplay, only reason its not a 10/10 is because i felt it got a bit repetive towards the end and i did not like the final fight.

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    Batman Arkham Origins 8.5/10

    Great story, combat was as awesome as the previous batman games (maybe even slightly better than Asylum and City). The only downside was all the bugs, which sucks because it's a very good game overall.

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    Last game i played or last new game ?

    Last game i played was WoW

    Current i'd give it 5/10 i'm abit bored with the whole thing and can see myself giving it up soon, but i still find some fun out of it.

    But as for a rating over the couse of WoW its a clear 10/10.

    Last new game i played was Rome 2 which i would give a 1/10

    Awful game with AI bugs, graphical bugs and some stupid new victory condition, maybe they have fixed these issues but it was too late for me.

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    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - 9/10

    Positives: Interesting story, marvelous voicing and interaction between the main characters (Andy Serkis doing the voicing and body movement of the main character - awesooome!). Fun combat system that really feels heavy and real when beating up mechs. It's also a beautiful game if you enjoy post-apocalyptic sceneries.

    Negatives: The camera can be annoying at times, but no major concern.

    Overall great game that is not very well known, similar in style to God of War - sort of.

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    Tomb raider 2013: 9/10

    Positive: great story, awesome gameplay and lots of things to discover! Oh, and HD Lara Croft <3

    Negative: I don't always like the music and she really has bad luck (not going to spoil it for others) trying to leave the island...

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    Last one fully played? Would be Lego Marvel Heroes and I would rate it 8.5/10 from my personal experience (I know some have complained, etc about it).

    Positive: Extensive roster with great story. After completing the game there is still plenty to do (if you like completing things VS just do story)

    Negative: The races (only did a couple) the controls are really finicky and kind of turns me off. Other complaint I would have is story mode only uses a selective roster instead of trying to expand.

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    Final Fantasy XII - 10/10

    A masterpiece. One of the best games I've ever played, it sucks that there aren't many games like it.

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