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    This weekend I played through Apsulov: End of Gods (Norse Sci-fi Horror FPS) and I really enjoyed it, took about 5,5 hours and it managed to entertain me more than Layers of Fear 2.

    Would rate around 7/10 since I am really interested in Norse stuff.

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    Streets of Rogue - 10/10
    Since Binding of Isaac i never had so much fun with a roguelike. It has a lot of classes and every one plays differently with its abilities and big quest. Even though i haven't beaten it yet i find the difficulty perfect, i mostly die because of a mistake and not just because i dodged a bullet wrong.

    Revisited Warframe - 4/10
    Sadly they seem to remove everything i liked about the game. It get more and more difficult and group-centric. Well, too bad, seems like i won't spend anymore money there.

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    No Man's sky 8/10, I do love it and anticipating this beyond update.

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