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    Well I stand corrected then =)

    However how many of those people buy a ticket to go watch someone play? If players were smart and wanted to get paid for matches then they should hold an event in an arena (ala Boxing) and if it gets popular enough then get a pay per view of their event.
    It honestly isn't needed. Viewing video games online has become such a thing that give it 5 years, you would probably see some TV channels picking up e-sports. Look back 5 years, hardly anyone did gaming content, Youtube was still only a few years old, and were only really a few personalities on there. Now I can pretty much get gaming content on demand, no matter what I look.

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    After reading through the last couple of pages it appears as if the thread has become quite random. So closing it because of that. It's also simply not news any longer and people using it to simply insult people they don't like that aren't going to respond is never useful.
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