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    Marksman in 1v1

    I recently started playing MM in pvp. I find it's close to impossible to keep warriors and rogues off me before I die. My gear is basically full tyranical with 3 griev including weapon. Warriors just keep breaking everything and charging right back and rogues seem to stick to me like glue.
    I'm even using a spider pet.

    In bgs it's really annoying as I use most of my cc to stun flag carriers or groups and then I got dick squat to take a warrior off me, I can only use detterence and hope someone peels before I die, which never happens with their retarded burst. I also see the trinket as the only way to break stuns and fears a major problem. All dps specs have at least 2 ways to break stuns and fears and if they don't they sure as hell have some solid defenses, MM have no solid defenses nor counter cc.

    Is it even worth playing a hunter if I want to enjoy random bgs, duels and wpvp or am I doomed to be raped by wartards and rogues ?

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    I was under the impression that BM was the PVP spec of choice.

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    Warriors are just insane atm,rogues are annoying 2v2 and 1v1 is really hard to beat a warrior,with any class,feels like cata s1 all over again,but yes,MM is good again,BM is still good aswell,also some survival hunters are high rated this season,so I guess play what you enjoy the most,MM for me!

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    Are you utilizing scatter and freeze trap as escape mechanisms? You're not going to get very far in the couple of seconds scatter buys you but it's enough for the majority of Warriors in BGs to use a charge/leap to get back on you. Adding up the CDs with scatter, freeze, disengage and master's call, not including wyvern/binding arrow, you have enough to stay ahead of the 12 sec charges and leap/intervene, at least for a while. Rogues I have less experience with, I generally trap first to force cloak, only master's call the shiv, counter shadowstep with a disengage followed by deterrence as 95% of rogues will use kidney to keep you still afterwards.
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    A lot of beating those 2 classes has a lot to do with knowing their cooldowns and such. You really shouldn't have too much trouble with those 2 classes if you know what to look for or expect. Using posthaste makes it even easier as narrow escape shares dr with spider's root. Make sure your pet is cunning as MM for roar of sacrifice. Kite, kite, kite. Also I prefer intimidation against rogues for when they pop evasion. That stun will ensure you hit with whatever you need in that 3 sec window

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    You really should have no problems kiting warriors. You have all the tools to do so. ( Binding shot, Concussive shot, Scatter+Trap, Disengage(with snare or movement speed), Deterrence, Pet cc ) Widows venom to stop some of that second wind healing. You can also use the knockback from Explosive trap for some breathing room. Also you can use another pet instead of a spider if you do use narrow escape ( so you can take advantage of the disengage snare and get another cc from a pet.

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    concussive shot on CD is key here, along with everything else

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