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    Blade Flurry Needs Its Bug Fixed

    I am sure many other combat rogues have noticed this, especially when running older content. When you have a pile of bodies under you, and still many enemies alive, your blade flurry will hit the corpses instead of the still alive enemies. I know it isn't a big issue to just move a few feet away but still.

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    Posting bugs on the MMO-C forums will not help get the problem fixed. You should post in the bug report forums on battle.net/wow for US or EU as appropriate.

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    Indeed; we are not a direct conduit to Blizzard's developers and tech. MMO-C is a fansite, which I can assure you a lot of interns get to pour over regularly, but not a direct line. If you need a bug fixed, report it on the Blizzard forums or through the in-game tool.

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