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    My reaction to those kicking and screaming about WoD

    I'm tired of people screaming and hollering about the next expansion. I'm exhausted about people who had just heard about the new expansion and did not research anything talk about it like they've known about it for months. So, here's my advice. it's an age-old technique that our parents used on us to get us eat those rancid vegetables at the dinner table. Don't knock it until you try it.

    It's fair to say that we can't even form true opinions about WoD because a vast majority of us were not there at Blizzcon to give the demos a try. The removal of some stats and reforging, we don't know how it will change the game. No flying on Dreanor until a patch in the future? Okay, fine. It'll give us a chance to fully explore the world the way it was meant to be explored. Start out with a neutral perspective, and once the expansion comes out, react and birth an opinion from your experience. I'm not saying that you have to be constantly positive minded, but you should never be a nitpick.

    So please, take my advice. Who knows, you might actually end up liking it. Just like some of us ended up liking the veggie that we dared never to eat it.
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