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    The upcoming dark months

    So everybody is pretty excited for the new expansion, myself included, but today I started thinking about how long it's still going to take before we're even in beta.

    Blizzard won't be introducing new content and the earliest date Ive heared about is around march.
    Even though march may look ''soon'', its still 5 months from now

    I don't know about you, but I have no idea what Im going to do in these 5 months. Ive already started leveling an alt to kill the time but Im not sure if I can do this for 5 months.

    Ive already killed garrosh, so what's the point really in getting even better gear? In a few month's it'll all be worthless.
    Im not a fan of achivements either, so that's no option either.

    Im getting the feeling we're getting another ''4.5 issue'' here. I really hope I'm wrong but like I said, march is incredibly quick, so likely it'll be even longer like 7 or 8 months from now.

    Spreading negativity about losing subscribers is not really my thing but last time I couldn't hold out any longer as well and left until I came back when 5.4 came out. ironic now I think of it.

    So what are you guys going to do? And what do you think about this? Shed some light for me brothers!

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    Well, besides alts, achievements, farming PvP honor kills for titles, or amassing tons of gold to facilitate easier profession grinds come WoD, there isn't anything to do. So pick one or a combination of them or unsub and spend the winter playing xbox one/PS4.
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    Remember you can always do things outside of WoW.
    Creating an expansion takes a lot of time. There is a reason the last patch of each expansion runs for a longer-than-normal time. And it's not like Blizzard intentionally creates those huge gaps. It's simply because it takes that long. They also said, if they created another content patch before the expansion, that would delay things even more.

    Get used to the months-long last patch of each addon. It will always be like that

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    Unsubbed and been selling off all my mats and stuff and will come back when WoD launches .
    Like you said sitting around doing very little for 5 months sounds horrible

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    It will be painful. For me I plan on farming for the pets in SoO and ToT that I still haven't gotten, farming mats to make my engi stuff I don't have yet. A friend and I started to level gnomes together (first allie toons for us) just for fun, as the new gnomes are so cute. Other than that I don't know either. I will hold out as long as I can, but I will probably go back to FFXIV for awhile at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zwuckel View Post
    remember you can always do things outside of wow.

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    Still progressing through SoO so it's all good. Not going to log much outside of raiding though

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    I would level an alt, but why bother? I get a free 90 once WOD launches.

    I'm unsubbed til then. I'll probably try WildStar out.

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    Wildstar comes out in the spring of next year and I will likely be focusing on that until wod and MAYBE come back to wow but that's only if I don't like wildstar too much.

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    Peronally I will continue progressing through content as normal. But I am lucky enough to be part of a heroic 25 an raiding guild. So Content lasts a little longer for me. Alts will take over my spare time from raiding though.

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    We talked about this very thing last night.

    We're already working on where to go.

    We have accomplished all we wanted to for now in WOW so anything else we do there is just for killing time with no real point other than to say, "Yea, we're still playing."

    It seemed the final conclusion was find something everyone could get into thats new to play, has enough content for us to get hooked on cause there doesn't seem to be anything coming to WOW for a while.

    $15 a month better spend elsewhere for now even if you plan on getting the WoD expansion. No new content is a tough sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
    Well, besides alts, achievements, farming PvP honor kills for titles, or amassing tons of gold to facilitate easier profession grinds come WoD, there isn't anything to do. So pick one or a combination of them or unsub and spend the winter playing xbox one/PS4.
    This is also the perfect time to start recruiting / kicking people off the main team for Mythic Mode. There's plenty of time to even do the extreme of taking someone who's never stepped into raid, who wants to get into the raid environment, and turning them into a reliable raider. You'd need to be a decent teacher for that option though.

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    My guild is 10-14 heroic now (very nearly got thokk).. Think those last 3 bosses will take us at least 6-10 weeks. After that I think i'll start getting pretty bored.

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    Ironically it's times like these that I like the most. Everything has been discovered, and now it's just time to use all those hard-earned gear to go back and re-do some old content, finish up some old unfinished business, or relax and enjoy gathering up some MoP mats to save for selling later when nobody is farming them in WoD.

    Or, in my case, since I haven't tried MoP yet - I might join for a month or three to see the game unfettered by players swarming to loot every questmob or node... and before that blasted CRZ kicks into the Pandaria zones with WoD.
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