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    I don't really get how MoP was "playing it safe".

    It would have been so much safer to just throw the burning legion or similar at us after losing subs.
    I was referring to game mechanics changes and innovation like destructible environments. I think pandaria was playing it safe in their minds because they tried to appeal to a mass China demographic, which didn't work as well as they expected I guess. I think if Cataclysm had had 13-14+ million players at its end, they would never have risked pandaria, because no matter what the forums heroes on the official forums claim, there simply was never that much demand for it, since its entire concept was only the existence of chen stormstout. Many more people in the existing player base were expecting ED or BL or Azshara, but I think they wanted to replenish their numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robb View Post
    Ah, this old chestnut again. Cataclysm was not a bad expansion, it just had a disappointing final raid.
    Your right cataclysm was decent relative to mop. I mean say what you want about cataclysm. But at least 80% of the servers wernt ghost towns. I had to leave behind a platoon of old and level capped alts because of mop.

    So in that regard yes cataclysm was a good game. Even with all the bad attributes, at least it stuck with the general theme of warcraft. Not to mention all the previous expansions were brilliant and there were many rumors floating around about a new emerald dream expansion. For most people any negative aspects of cata really seemed like a small bump in the road. The people I knew that quit in mop, quit because they were expecting to come back in the next expansion when things were supposed to get better. Instead it got worse.

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    you have proof of this? or just making shit up? Not sure why we would even be fighting the legion in an alternate dimension dreanor when they are just about ready to blow up azeroth. it has no grounding in the story at all
    Take it easy.

    When Garrosh goes back in time, these and several other things have happened:

    - Ner'zhul began to assemble the Orcish clans to go to war with the Draenei, as he was being tricked and manipulated by Kil'jaeden
    - Ner'zhul eventually discovers he has been duped
    - Gul'dan eagerly becomes Kil'jaeden's pawn

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    You don't even see Activision's logo on blizzard games.
    That alone says some.

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    It's true. They became more about the $$ than the best product. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about.

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