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    The last time I felt REALLY special was back in vanilla, when I was the second (first on Horde side) to obtain Benediction/Anathema.

    Back then our server was heavily Alliance-sided which meant that we, as Horde, barely had a chance to kill Kazzak for the Eye of Shadow(?).

    I then found out via Thottbot (those were the days ^^) that the Eye also dropped off the demons in Winterspring but with a crazy low rate. I managed to solo them by kiting them with SWP around the little ruin a bit down the road. Took like 6 minutes for a single demon to kill, but it worked. After dozens of demons I finally got the Eye.

    I even made a guide for it and got a few props for it.

    oh, there it is, still alive:
    (German, sorry :>)

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    The ONLY time I felt like a special snowflake was on my frost dk (because I worked so hard to get rotations right so I wouldn't be 'one of those annoying dk's') and a tank said to me, "you're the first dk it's ever been a pleasure to do an instance with." I think it took 6 months for my feet to touch the ground again after that
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    It's very hard for any MMO to punch through my realization that my character is and always will be the nameless "Hero" that aided that real main characters in vanquishing the evil. But Warcraft has made a damn good effort of it a few times. Even with my main being generic human mcRogueguy.

    Most notably in recent time would be the legendary questline throughout all of MoP, and before that the Legendary Daggers Questline, but before that not too many instances stand out in my mind. I'm not sure if that's because there weren't all that many, or because I've been playing this fucking game for more than half a decade.

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    I'm still special fuck yeah well sorta anyway.

    Got my mounts ( which ppl can buy my BMAH meh )
    Got my titles


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    Well for me it was three Events.

    #1 Was heroic Raider during Cata Dragon Soul. Someone was LFM Healer, but I linked him my impressive ilvl and he ad-hoc changed the setup to a DPS instead ^^.

    #2 I often spam Trade chat "Want to Buy Carved Ogre Idol paying 600 000Golds, and Want to Buy Black Qiraj Tank Mount paying 1,5Millions" and sometimes people express doubt about me having so much golds. Then I tell them I have 11 Millions ask to inspect me. Their Jaws drop and I feel special when they realize that I indeed possess 11 Millions.
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    I don't play anymore, but for me it was back in WOTLK when my Warlock would always "tank" the magic/casting in our 10-man raids. It was great.

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