View Poll Results: Which class do you think is the most bad ass dark class?

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  • Death Knight

    43 27.04%
  • Warlock

    84 52.83%
  • Both, equally

    19 11.95%
  • I don't know

    13 8.18%
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    i prefer undeath / zombies over demons so
    death knight for me.

    a batshit crazy warrior is pretty badass aswell.

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    Death Knight because I am a scourge fanboi.

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    Warlocks are definitely more bad.

    DKs are also bad but plagues/diseases are just not as evil as demonic soul consumption...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    Warlock easily. At least Warlocks actually manage to get shit done.

    What has a Death Knight actually accomplished? No, not the Lich King, an actual Death Knight like Baron Rivendare or Highlord Mograine. Not a whole lot if you ask me. They look dangerous and all, but they don't leave a big impact on the world. What have Warlocks done? Yeah, open portals to other worlds, summon demons to destroy said worlds, manipulate entire armies, you name it. Just look at what Gul'dan accomplished on both Draenor and Azeroth.
    If you going to disregard the best representation of a Death Knight we have, you can't use the most successful Warlock as part of your argument.

    In either case, that wasn't even Gul'dan. He corrupted the orcs, yes, but all the scheming was done by Kil'jaedan and Sargeras (in Medivh's body). Gul'dan just did as he was told.

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    Shadow Priest, obviously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulletnips View Post
    Death Knight because I am a scourge fanboi.
    Such undeath
    So lich

    Yes DK for me too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holas View Post
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    I don't think it's fair that you can only choose between classes and not specs.

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    Even though I like the necromancer concept (Death Knights) a lot more than summoning Demons and stuff, I have to give it to warlocks.
    Death Knights are kinda badass, sure, but they didn't necessarily choose their state. Warlocks did, simply to accumulate more power.

    That said, Shadow Priests have some really, really nasty spells, too.

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