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    The trials of a fun leveling experince

    I just got back into WoW in somewhat early preparation for the next expansion and decided one of the things I want to do (and amazingly haven't done since wotlk) is level a character from one to max level with no BoAs or RaF. A Straight Vanilla leveling run as some might say which makes me want to ask how other people keep the leveling experience feeling fun and fresh.

    Normally I get bored when leveling slowly and just wanna jump but I'm hoping to make this a fun experience for me and I'm looking for input from other people in how they have a fun time leveling. I know the most generic answer will be pvp, dungeons, or leveling isnt fun but I want to know more in depth things. Is there a certain questing area that you feel is way better than the rest? Any that you feel is terrible and should be avoided at all costs. Do you work on primary professions? Secondary in down time? Anything that you do just to keep yourself from banging your head on the keyboard when you're leveling is welcome!


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    As you say, it's easiest to break it up with dungeons and PvP.

    The zones depend on if you're ally or horde, but without a doubt the horde leveling experience is MUCH better 1-60 with more exciting storylines where you get to kick alliance arse and send them packing. Some of the ally zones feel rushed/unfinished and lots is explained via quest text or implied.

    Best zones definitely:
    Most of Lordaeron, the silverpine and Hillsbrad quest lines are great. Badlands is quite enjoyable, so is WPL as horde.

    If you are alliance, Westfall is based on the CSI YEAAAAHH meme and Redridge is literally the plot from Rambo done for comedic effect.

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    For me, the best way to make leveling fun is to try and really get into the stories. Read all the quest text, and let yourself get immersed in the story. It's really easy to do the TLR summary, which makes questing very boring. Immersion makes questing take quite a bit longer, but it also makes it more fun.

    Also - challenge yourself while questiing. Try grabbing multiple mobs instead of easily picking off 1 or 2 at a time. See how long you can chain pull for.

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