View Poll Results: How many times did you guys wipe on him?

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  • We one shotted him on normal

    7 4.79%
  • between 1-10 wipes

    37 25.34%
  • between 10-20

    28 19.18%
  • between 20-30

    20 13.70%
  • between 30-40

    21 14.38%
  • between 40-50

    9 6.16%
  • between 60-70

    5 3.42%
  • between 70-80

    3 2.05%
  • between 80-90

    0 0%
  • between 90-100

    0 0%
  • between 100-110

    2 1.37%
  • Over 110 times

    3 2.05%
  • Haven't tried him yet.

    11 7.53%
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    60-70 for us. We were at a point were we would kill all the orther boss in 3 hours.

    Maybe 3 healing it is why it took us so long.
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    39 wipes. Could someone explain why the last phase is such a problem for many people? We killed it the first try we transitioned. Bloodlust and everything just melts. A single set of adds and two times mind controls are no problem, as people are doing the exact same as last phase (and are stacked for mc's).

    More than any of the first 8 bosses on hc.

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    Probably around 30, most of that was time spent on retarded p2 strats though, once you realize you don't have to kill weapons in p2 it goes down much smoother, would have saved us a whole bunch of 3 transition phase 2 wipes that could have been avoided.

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    It took my main raiding group about 17 wipes to get him. Of course, by the time we had attempted him, everyone had killed him on flex at least once, and 2 of our raiders had gone with our higher-progressed raiding group in the guild to kill him on normal, so we weren't discovering the mechanics one at a time. If we had the same progression as our higher-progressed raiding group, who downed him 2 weeks before flex garrosh came out, we probably would have had a similar number of wipes, ~80-90.
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    I find him far more difficult than lei shen when it was current content. On the last "empowered whirl" we used a strat of stacking under bubble and in the swirlings and using all of our powerful healing CDs including healthstones and other defenses and were able to break the last percentages.
    I would say that on normal he is harder than Lei Shen was on normal; to bad that didn't transfer to heroic.

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    We had around 30-35 wipes on him during the first 2 lockouts before killing it, with a blend of 25m and 10m wipes.
    cutting out the slackers and just doing our 10m attempts we had about 20 wipes to kill it.
    everyone was about 545 ilvl and this was going off the dungeon journal and ptr videos only.

    even with the slackers, 25m seemed drastically easier than 10m while progressing in terms of healing and dps checks. After we killed it on 10m, the following week i think we 2 shot it as 25m for the our first 25m kill.

    yes, as a progression kill i think it was much harder than lei shen for sure.
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