View Poll Results: What would you like Blizzard to do with Class Abilities and Talents in WoD?

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  • Complete Overhaul - Start from scratch with new abilities.

    6 16.67%
  • Partial Overhaul - Keep the original abilities of each class and build from there.

    19 52.78%
  • No Overhaul - Keep building and modifying on the current system.

    11 30.56%
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    WoD Class Abilities

    WoW has obviously been a very successful game over the years. Like me, I'm sure there are many of you out there that have played on and off since vanilla. We're coming up on the 10th year of Frostbolts and Heroic Strikes, and I run into many different opinions with the current talent/ability system. If Blizzard were ever to make significant changes to this system, I feel WoD is the right place to do it. Some feel the game is getting old and could use a new spark. On the other hand, many people are attached to their characters and a big change to class abilities might kill it for them.

    What would you like Blizzard to do with class abilities in Warlords of Draenor?

    The root of this Poll is from my PvP background. The majority of elite pvpers feel the ability system is bloated, but more importantly that there are FAR too many instant cast abilities, interrupts, knock-backs, stuns, and immunities in the game. Given the current state of WoW, I find these issues very difficult to fix without a significant overhaul of the system.

    But, I also enjoy many other aspects of the game. It is very satisfying to execute a complex PvE rotation and top the charts. Having so many abilities creates a more enjoyable and unique experience, outside of PvP. We don't want one aspect of the game to ruin another.

    There are many more points and arguments that could be made. Why change the the original base system of the game? Abilities could be getting old, would a new or modified system create interest for bored players? 10 years is a long time to be building and improving class abilities and talents. With all this experience, could Blizzard create a better base set for each class? Or would changing the system be similar to starting over; wasting all the modifications and improvements over the years?

    I'm torn with this question. If I had to choose, I'm not sure what I would decide.

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    I almost purely PvP. I 100% agree with your statement that there are too many instant cast abilities, stuns, silences, and interrupts in the game, as well as too much ability bloat and homogenization. I'm all for a partial overhaul. I'm curious though, do those of you that mostly participate in PvE (the majority of the player-base) even see a problem with this?

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    Bring back ranks. They're edging on it for the new leveling bonuses, and really I'd like them to just make it a real thing. The ranks boost the scaling on your ability, rather than just having no scale and then a boost in power.
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    Ha ha. I had almost forgotten about ranks. I have one negative and one positive thing to say about the old ranks.

    Neg: It was incredibly annoying to make sure you had the top rank on your bars for each ability. The system sometimes didn't automatically update. Sometimes changing specs, brought back the old rank on your bar. Not that bad, but annoying.

    Pos: Ranks brought another level of skill, mostly for casters. Having a rank 1 fast-casting frostbolt on your bars to apply slows, and a rank 13 frostbolt for damage, I thought was pretty cool.

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    Spell ranks were one of the things I thought was bad design. Glad they gone.

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    If there is going to be changes, they better make them small and only in the pre-launch patch.

    I hated constant stream of non-sense changes to classes under Ghostcrawler, the useless.

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