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    Which gear combination should I use?

    I'm a fury warrior and I have recently acquired some heroic shoulders:

    Darkfallen Shoulder plates 566 2 blue sockets for 120str I will likely double crit gem

    My current are:

    Pauldrons of the Prehistoric Marauder 561 2/2 2 red sockets double crit gem

    This is a fairly easy choice but my problem is if I take the heroic shoulders I will lose my 2 set and it's a good 2 set...
    How ever I can use my:

    Legplates of the Prehistoric Marauder 553 0/2 2 yellow sockets for 120 str

    Instead of my:

    Legplates of willful Doom 561 2 blue sockets 1 red for 120 str

    Which means I'll have a bit of upgrading to do but I will get my heroic piece and keep my 2set any recommendations on which I should pick? see my armoury for most of the items. Also this is my first post so if there is a way to link items or something please let me know.

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    Since nobody has answered you yet, I´ll give it a shot, especially because it´s your first post here
    I would go for Dark fallen Shoulders with double crit and the tier legplates. upgrade the latter asap. you will lose two red sockets but gain two yellow sockets. This and the higher itemlvl overall will result in higher crit and probably str as well, while maintaining the 2p bonus, which is crucial. If you want an exact answer, I would sim your char if I were you.
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    First off your reforging/gemming can be improved. Crafty (Expertise/Crit) gems in red sockets is fine assuming you can reforge Expertise into Crit/Mastery elsewhere, which appears to be the case.

    1) 8*160 = 1280 Expertise from red sockets in gear that grants Strength (Shoulders, Back, OH, Hands, Waist and Legs).
    2) 1280 - 396 (Undoing Back Reforge) = 887 excess Expertise (relative to 2250 for 7.5%)
    3) 884 - 381 (Undoing Wrist Reforge) = 506 excess Expertise
    4) 503 - 534 (Undoing Leg Reforge) = -28 Expertise
    5) -28 + 38 (2/2 Valor Upgrade your Devilfang Band) = 10 excess Expertise

    You can also fix your hit rating a bit too. You have 4 sockets where gemming Piercing (Hit+Crit) would provide a Strength bonus (MH, Waist, Pants)

    1) 4*160 + 49 = 689 excess Hit (relative to 2250 for 7.5% Hit)
    2) 689 - 410 (Reforge Hit->Crit on Legs) = 279 excess Hit
    3) 279 - 272 (Change Feet Reforge from Haste->Hit to Haste->Mastery) = 7 excess Hit

    Overall you would experience the following change in total stats

    -1218 Crit, +7 Expertise, -42 Hit, +1240 Mastery, +396 Haste, +660 Strength

    Don't know what your current stat weights are cause I can't be arsed to sim your character but this should be a net dps gain for you considering how much Crit you already have as you're approaching or passed the point where the SEP of Crit > Mastery (at worst they should be about even).

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