As everyone should already know by now, in WoD Blizz is redoing armor such that the primary stat (agi, int, or str) will change based on your spec. New to the front page is the very concise statement that secondary stats on any item will not change based on spec (Twitter link here).

Spirit is sticking around as a secondary stat (Twitter link), but the panel from Blizzcon has said that spirit won't appear on actual armor that will change based on spec. Thus, only amulets, cloaks, rings, trinkets, and perhaps shields, off-hands, and weapons will have it. Everything else (chest, feet, hands, head, legs, shoulder, waist, wrist) will only have haste, crit, or mastery as the secondary stats because each of those will have some benefit to every spec, even plate tanks.

Some ramifications of this are Blizzard can tone down the enlarged loot tables because each of the armor slots will only have three variations at most (not including tier gear) and all of them will be usable. It'll either be crit/haste, crit/mastery, or haste/mastery instead of the typical 4-6 different stat variations offered on current stuff where you might not even be able to use it because the primary stat is wrong.

I expect that was the main reasoning behind dropping dodge and parry for plate tanks. Keeping those stats in place at this point would have just cluttered things up and made itemization and class design more difficult. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Blizz doesn't need things like class design to be more difficult than they need to be.