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    Heroic Paragons Hurl Amber

    Is there a weak aura for when hurl amber is being thrown out or cast ( whichever it is)? I know there is a bar in bigwigs for it but I would like a weak aura. I know ive seen it in videos but can't find it anywhere. If anybody has it, it would be greatly appreciated Thanks

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    You can make WA of your own using this:
    Trigger ->
    Type: Event
    Event: Combat Log
    Message Prefix: Spell
    Message Suffix: Cast Success
    [X] Spell Name: Hurl Amber

    That triggers when he cast Hurl Amber. That is the time when you should check under your legs, and there is ~5sec period to move out of it before the amber explodes and does damage.

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    Or you could just have bigwigs put an icon on your screen. Just go to the ability and tick everythin.

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