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    Quote Originally Posted by Vedrenne View Post
    Varian stopped the final blow, but Taran chained up Garrosh to take him away.
    But he could only do that because Varian stopped Thrall from killing Garrosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal89 View Post
    TL;DR Considering all the shit the Pandaren have gone through because of the Horde and Alliance. I'm suprized that Taran Zhu hasn't lost his shit and done a foreigner purge like Japan did during the Tokugawa period.
    I think his personal experiences side-by-side with both the best and the worst of the outsiders has tempered his reactions. I believe he knows that the Horde is a massively dysfunctional organization held together only by the (real or imagined) threat of annihilation by outsiders, and a violent purge would only make things worse in the long run. If Blizzard's writing was better, I'd guess he's playing the long game of enduring crap today so he can completely eject everyone later without getting tangled in future H/A conflicts or making Pandaria a target for revenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zephid View Post
    But he could only do that because Varian stopped Thrall from killing Garrosh.
    Because it wasn't Thrall's kill alone(If it was going to be one of those scenes).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking Iconja View Post
    Am I the only one who actually likes Taran Zhu?

    No, I like him too-- he was also awesome during the 'Shadows of the Horde' book. Wierdly it kind of hurt my feelings in SoO when he was telling Cho that we shouldnt have been allowed into Pandaria, but lets face it; he'd had a shitty day.

    I Hope he survives the escape, and Garrosh gets drug out of a spiderhole during a leveling quest. Screw that guy.
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    gg guys, we chose an authoritarian retard over a socialist whose most radical stance was free college for kids. :O
    Quote Originally Posted by Skroe View Post
    But there is also one more fundamental truth about Americans that plays to our favor: we love to smash down those we lift up. That's as American as apple pie. There has not been a President in the post-war era, except maybe Eisenhower and Kennedy (who didn't live long), who hasn't been felled by something they said or did.

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    Oh, leave the poor guy alone. He was stabbed with an axe. Any idea how much that would freaking hurt? STABBED with an AXE. I think he's suffered enough.

    And besides, "I had no idea Blizzard would use 'time-travelling Garrosh' to start the next expansion pack" is more than enough excuse. Seriously.

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    "It's all your outsiders fault! Now get out of our land!"

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    Well let's see. Maive (sp?) chased Illidan all the way to outland as he was her prisoner.

    Why won't Taran chase Garrosh all the way to Draenor as he was his prisoner?

    So much win.

    I personally liked Taran, for all the people who complain about him not liking us. Why the hell would he? Time and time again we've caused destruction and mayhem to Pandaria and we've not once learned from our mistakes. If I was him, i'd be pissed too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmonious View Post
    I personally liked Taran, for all the people who complain about him not liking us.
    We dont complain that he doesnt like us, we complain because he is a pathetic piece of shit that doesnt like us.
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    Taran Zhu: "Garrosh you stand accused of - "
    *Garrosh Escapes*

    Yep, somehow, someway, he'll find a way to blame it on the horde and alliance.
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    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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