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    How to recruit a friend on existing account?

    So GM told me yesterday that I could use RAF on existing account (As I had bought battlechest on the account instead of creating new account from the raf link) and today I did so. I activated the raf on the account that was already created, but the bonuses seems to not apply atleast yet. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    blizz said you need to wait atleast 1 week to use your reward

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    Quote Originally Posted by cronight View Post
    blizz said you need to wait atleast 1 week to use your reward
    A week to gain the mount, not the in game leveling rewards and summoning that the OP is talking about.

    Yes you can send yourself an RAF to your existing Bnet account e-mail. It simply adds another trial license to your account.

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    I'm a bit confused here. Aside of the fact that you can send to an existing bnet account nothing changes, right? In order to get rewards I'd need to pay for the new trial account not for the existing one, right? (quite obvious but better check first :P)

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    Haven't all aspects of RAF been disabled in the EU since yesterday due to the 'instability' it was causing? This may be your problem.
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