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    Some advice for new lock

    Hi guys im thinking about leveling a warlock. Its the only class i havent played yet .
    Till level 90 ill Be doing quests and dungeons for the quests.
    Só until 90 which spec is the best for This situation.

    Another question how are locks in pve and pvp talking about specs.

    Thank you só much for help me out,
    Best regards,

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    I recommend you play the spec you are going to use after reaching 90, to get used to the spells and rotation. Today many play destro, but this changes. Demonology is maybe the easiest for fast leveling, but I found it easy and fast to level with destro as well. Affliction I never played..

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    I haven't leveled a warlock from 1 in a while, but I feel that affliction is probably the slowest for solo content and demonology or destruction are probably close.

    However, they all have their niches:

    With affliction, you can possibly fight more mobs at once because of your stronger DoTs. As long as they can't kill you easily, you can probably just keep pulling stuff and letting it die while you move on.

    Demonology is good for soloing because you have stronger pets and metamorphosis offers increased defenses and mobility. A big part of Demonology's solo power comes from a passive bonus that isn't really explained anywhere:

    If you kill a mob that grants xp/honor while in demon form, you instantly generate 100 demonic fury. If you combine this with the glyph of Soul Consumption, you pretty much have infinite life and resources (demon form) if you fight smartly (or even not too smartly, depending on the mobs).

    Destruction has the best execute spell (shadowburn) and a way to copy it onto nearby mobs (havoc), as well as a spell that can possibly 1-hit kill some mobs (chaos bolt), but I don't know at what point in your leveling-up process these become legitimate options for fast solo grinding.

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