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    No Flying till 6.1 - Why does this bother you? (dont post if ok with it)

    I know there are a lot of these threads here, all with conversations that go back and forth. In this thread, I simply want to hear from those severely upset about this game design philosophy. If you are ok with this change, please, don't bother posting.

    Again, just to reiterate and be annoying, I just want to hear from the peeps that are upset.

    I've been seeing some negative posts simply as this:

    "No flying til 6.1? Well I guess I'll know when to subscribe!"
    "No flying til 6.1? Guess whose not buying the expansion until 6.1?!"

    These posts are very... lacking in feedback. It clearly shows an opinion, yes, but no reasoning. I can't imagine this kind of response coming from some mature 20-something-year-old, but rather an overreacting teenager or something. Meanwhile, Bashiok has been giving reasoning for this. They're making flying in Draenor a lil special and meaningful in 6.1, and don't want to trivialize combat situations/questing.

    The most I've gotten is, "It's too much of a pain in the butt to travel around, especially for those who don't have a lot of hours in the day to play."

    This is so far the only reason I can somewhat grasp personally. Travelling from 1 end of a continent to another can take some time, and if you're a casual player who only plays for like 1 hour or 2 every day, having to make a chunk of that time set to merely travelling can be a turn off. For anybody who argues against this, go ahead and start at Black Temple, and, without flying or using flight paths, go ahead travel from BT to Netherstorm.

    Oh, wait, did I say Flight Paths? Do you guys remember what those are? I imagine that some of you might have forgotten, as we've been flying around everywhere . Don't forget about flight paths in your argument! Please!! I feel like a lot of the nay-sayers may have forgotten about these things.

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    I don't see any good reason for delaying it till a later patch. You want an epic quest chain or huge amount of dailies for unlocking flying.....fine. whatever.

    But why delay it? The only reason I see is that they want to prolong it to make people "feel good" when it finally unlocks after 3-4 months of no flying. To me its more like a huge annoyance, this isn't BC anymore. I've already been through that whole experience of never having flying and finally getting it. Now it just feels like a lame attempt to try and recapture something from the past because they can't come up with any new ideas.

    (and just to clarify, I'm fine with no flying while leveling. I'm just not fine with delaying it "just because" when you finally reach max level)
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    "Don't post if you're OK with it."

    So you want a one sided argument so you can say "look, everyone agrees with me!"

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    to be honest there are to many other threads on this to be bothered to write it all again here.

    Merge this with one of the other no flying threads I say.

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