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    tradeskill master guide.

    Im looking for a good guide on how to get started with tsm. I have looked some, but cant find anything that doesn't totally confuse me. Ive messed around with the addon for hours in game, but i cant figure out a lot of it. Im mostly confused about groups I think.

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    Name one thing you are trying to do in particular and then maybe we can halp you out.

    You mentioned being confused about groups:

    They combine Module Operations (Icon right of Groups) into, you guessed it, groups and assign Items to them.

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    Im totally confused about everything. Was just wondering if theres a decent general overall guide somewhere.

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    Well for example the first Google Result reveals Step By Step Videos on Youtubes:


    Even if you have no clue, it is possible to replicate the actions in the video to set up TSM. After supposedly being invested with this addon for hours surely you can do that.

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    Honestly unless you are mass selling and are willing to repost your auctions a lot in order to make maximum profit, it's better to just have auctioneer which tells you have cheap stuff is and what the cheapest prices are then do it manually. I was using TSM for a while, and found it to be more of a pain than I am willing to deal with for my uses.

    Of course I'm sure for the "hardcore" AH people it has it's uses and is nice, but just seems like too much work for too little.

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    Those 4 video guides show most things you need for the basic setting up of TSM. For the rest just start playing with it you slowly learn the tweaks that work for you (ie setting mat prices manually)
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    Yep, cool stuff

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