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    Thinking of rolling a shammy, in need of advice

    Hello Shammies

    I have been tempted for some time now to roll a shaman , pref as enhancement , and as i heard/read various opinions i wanted to ask you guys here.
    What is the current state of shamans at the moment, either as elemental or enhancement DPS and why would a shaman be wanted in a raid group over another character? What do they bring/offer utility wise in order to make them wanted in a raid group?

    And last , from your personal experience so far, would you guys simple recommend the shaman class to someone ?

    Cheers in advance,

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    I love playing Shaman, bring a few buffs and of course Heroism and good offheals

    The DPS rotation is pretty basic giving you more time to master it and focus on other things.

    It's fun but it always boils down to personal preference, so just try it and see how you go tbh

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    Very fun specs, very good utility, lots of great off-healing as DPS (it does not cost you any dps to offheal).

    Also very cool looking, awesome transmogs - the upcoming Draenor is gonna be a focus point of shaman lore, blizz even mentioned a shaman legendary?!

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    I also rolled a shaman, they are the most intriguing class for me right now. Good luck with your shaman!

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    Waiting for WoD beta news concerning shamans before I make a decision in terms of coming back to the game/class.

    Is it worth playing (shaman)? I've played it since classic, and could never let go off enh in favor of other classes/specs, was always my main.

    Imo, shaman lore and gear is the coolest ingame, the feeling of (as enh) clobbing someone with axes, fists and maces, all the while blasting them with the elements, off-heal and totems and spirit wolves...hard to describe.

    I quit along the way because the to-do-list for shaman issues such as the archaic totem system kept getting bigger and were hardly adressed, so frustration on the class development for me overtook passion for the spec at some point.
    There is to say though: most issues I see with shamans are mostly only that in pvp (which I love). You've only mentioned pve though, so if you prefer to do just that, I dont see any reason not to play at least enh (dunno how their dps rankings are atm though)
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