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    Quote Originally Posted by pastar View Post
    no lie had a pally in a TP with lvl 60 pvp gear. had less than 250k health. There should be gear requirements for bgs just as their is for dungeons and lfr
    But that gear is so pretty!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phurox View Post
    wednesday I used 4 hours trying to get a BG daily win to get my 270 honor. Never happened.
    Ah, well there is your problem.

    You are trying to win random BGs as Alliance. That is going to go badly for you. If you are trying to get honor gear through randoms as Alliance you might as well just run heroic 5man dungeons instead and convert the justice points to honor. 120 JP per boss, so ~500 per run, which equals 250 honor. If you have a tank/healing offspec you get instant queues and most dungeons are over in less than 10 minutes now. The other option is to camp the Dominance Offensive rare NPCs and kill them everytime they are up. 275 honor each.

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    While I agree with the notion of people should put effort on their character, be it for PVE or PVP, wouldn't the noobtard have equal chances of joining either horde or ally?

    I remember one BG there was this 90 resto druid (enemy) with 270k life which I globalled at least 15 times. It was one of the easiest wins of my life.
    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    A Daily quest is about as much effort as organizing 20 people.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Brian may answer differently, but I would say mages are hard to counter for average players but easy for great players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nykolas View Post
    Wow needs a ranking system in place to put you with similar players with similar gear when you queue.
    thats basically what rbgs when you narrow down a search like that que times would jump tremendously

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    i dont think this thread is about greens, but about stupid DKs with agility stuff (and other classes with wrong stats).
    Oh lord, instant lvl 90 will be so bad...
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    It is quite hilarious to see people in half of the wrong stat pieces xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    I dint even go in to BGs unles i already have full conquest gear then going in just to troll oposite side even dint get bored to do any objectives.And do you know why? because 99% of the time i meet bad geared persons or some with no brain or just heavy bots team
    Last weeek i was starting pvp one one of mine forgoten toons tooks me 1 and half hour to get him to honor cap outside of random BG and it was fully geared by 7-8 hours
    Most ppl even dint have idea that you can use guild banner on the Krasarang rares and earn 312 honor per kill.I have 2 accounts and toons on many realms so i can kill these all night grinding honor coz most of the realms are empty and really small amount of ppl going there
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    one thing comes across my mind, if those "bad" players i greens etc that are extremly annoying i agree are stupid enught to come to bgs in greens and not going to spend 30 min to gear up first i BELIVE its better for You, me US to see them in greens, if they have epics from island or full honor gear they are still morons without a clue so u will prolly still loose and now whats the dif in loosing with ppl in greens or in full epics they will be still same shitty players

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    had a 172k hp hunter in BGs.. yeah blizzard doesn't give a damn
    - they're paying customers
    - you're (still) paying
    -> blizz is happy
    => no changes
    break the chain
    "Too bad common sense is uncommon among the masses... "

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