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    i rolled 9 coins on immersuis. on the 10th one i finally got a warforged cloak. unfortunatly i had my legendary cloak so yay. still no dps trinket for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shauren View Post
    Except that the blizz quote above clearly states that the protection is not individual for every boss so sure, you might have coined the same boss 24 times but you did get loot from coin on a different boss.
    Working as intended.

    Nope not true. Across all my chars combined I've gone 101 straight rolls without receiving any loot before, was fun and tbh when I hit 100 I thought I'd just never get free bonus loot again and set a goal to hit 200, which was unfortunately a streak that was obviously broken right away. Doesn't matter much, people shouldn't get so worked up about it, it's a bonus roll. We didn't have them before, and it is what it is, a bonus.

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    this tier my main is uterly unlucky with bonus rolls while my alts are super lucky - its just rng - my spriest got 2 flex trinekts in 1 week my main has yet to see a SoO trinket on any difficulty -_- didnt get a single gear upgrade from bonus roll on main so far this tier and its funny when my monk progressing hcs is 559 while my straight flex and wolrd bosses spriest is 554 -_- rng hurts sometimes

    Quote Originally Posted by Yindoo View Post
    Be happy there is loot protection now.
    Back in 5.2 I used 51 coins w/o any loot (before loot protection)
    without this loot protection i was geting so much more loot - it was liek 1 out of 3-4 coins was droping me loot now its 1-10 tops -_-

    also i rememebr how people were against vp gear as suppelement for those unlucky slots u coudl never gear up - well im still runing around with 530 shadopan ring i got in 5.2 -_-
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    I'm convinced healing trinkets are non-existent this tier, but my co-healers bonus rolls would have me believe otherwise.


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    What really grips my shit about bonus rolls, or more specifically, MY bonus rolls, is that they yield nothing....absolutely terms of gear until I get an item as a normal loot drop. Then, my BONUS roll rewards me with an item I either already have, or can't use as I have better equipped. I feel like there's a little gathering of GMs, huddled around a monitor, pissing themselves laughing as the take the R away from my RNG and give me deliberately useless bonus roll items, or none at all. Damn their ivory towers !!!

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    Bonus rolls are awesome when you get stuff yet infuriating as all hell when you get something that you already have/don't need. An example of the latter would be me coining the heroic cloak from Dark Shamans TWICE (one heroic and one HTF one) two weeks back to back. I think as long as people keep in mind that it's a bonus roll and not something you should expect to get loot from then you won't be disappointed. Hopefully Blizz buffs the cash in rate significantly for WOD, but even still people shouldn't rely on it to get you an item.

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