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    Play Battlefield 4 until 2 - 3 months before WoD, then return and make gold, finish legendary cloak and train with your char to be the best again xD

    thats my route

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    Do everything you can do in MoP then unsubscribe till WoD.
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Ive read the ETA was in spring? Its not 12 months...

    Anyway you have SoO already cleared in heroic?

    And yeh, normal-> hc gets a little boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Open achievement pane.

    Pet tab. Mount tab.

    Roll an alt.

    That's what I do.
    This. That's exactly what I do.
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    Proving grounds.

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    You basically have two choices.

    You can drink the Blizzard kool-aide and keep paying your monthly sub just to grind out meaningless achievements, or gather another 100 meaningless pets, or grind out the same content you've already done on yet another character. This is really not challenging nor is it especially interesting at this point.

    Or you can do something else! Unsubscribe from WoW and play some different games. Or, better yet, do something in real life that you've been meaning to do. Me, I'm going to get out the long neglected sketching pencils and watercolors and try to do something more in the real world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxilian View Post
    Welcome to the next expansion waiting room! lets just hope it doesnt take as long as cataclysm, we did ICC so many times that everyone knew the quotes of all bosses
    "His name was Dranosh..." D:

    Farm mounts/pets
    Pet battles
    And somehow I put that in alphabetical order

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    For me,

    1) Finish SoO on Flex with Guild Team 2 (13/14 atm)
    2) Do some Normal SoO (Done 2/14 with a PUG)
    3) Finally do the Glory of the Wrath Heroic Achievement (Need the one with everyone impaled in GD)
    4) Start Challenge Modes and go for Gold (Paladin set Please, starting soon)
    5) Proving Grounds
    6) Get Monk (61) and Hunter (81) to 90
    7) Finish Legendary Cloak on my Priest (5/12 Runestones atm)
    8) Actually do Warlock Green Fire Quest (Last try was around 25% wipe in 5.3)
    9) Finish some Transmog Sets (Rogue Wrathful set)

    RIP The Mythic Dream

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    Maybe that will sound weird but you can grind out last pieces for sets from .... LFR, yes! I encourage him to do it because you wont have a chance to get all set in Warlords becasue there is no LFR MSV/ToT for lvl 100.
    I still miss that i didnt finish couple sets from my toons when Dragon Soul LFR was current.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selvari7 View Post
    I fail to see any major reason to continue playing with no new content expected for the next 9-12 months.

    I have done SoO so many times that I'm already sick of it. Ditto to the timeless isle.

    There is so little content available at this point?

    Does Blizz expect people to just stay subbed and continue clearing the current raid for months and months?
    Do people actually have fun doing this?
    I imagine hardcore players do and those who consider WoW a hobby but what about everyone else?
    You didn't got the news that Blizzard is not planning us to run soo for the next 9-12 months?
    They are trying to get wod released before summer.... that is the plan.

    Why are you talking about 9-12 months?

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    What I'm doing is trying to prepare my account a bit for 6.0.

    Not by farming endless gold or materials, but by leveling a couple of pets to 25, making sure I have an alt ready for farming minerals and herbs, and also getting my main ready with gear for two specs in case I want to alternate at the start of the expansion.

    The idea is that I don't want to discover at the start of the expansion that I can't participate in new features unless I go back and work at something which was relevant in MoP, such as pet battles. I want to be able to jump straight into any new content they offer me.

    It's a lot of fun, and I don't feel under pressure or anything. Then, around Christmas or so, I guess I'll quit for a few months and enjoy other games.
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    You could either try to get achievements or level alts. I wouldn't expect new content if i were you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxilian View Post
    Welcome to the next expansion waiting room! lets just hope it doesnt take as long as cataclysm, we did ICC so many times that everyone knew the quotes of all bosses
    ICC was fun though. In the end I tried to make it challenging like raiding without dbm. I had done ICC so many times that even without dbm I was better at tactics than newer ppl with dbm. Also just having fun with the bosses was great. Pingpong saurfang to the point we couldn't taunt him anymore... we wiped the raid, but we had fun though!! xD Or at Sindragose, I would go all out on dps and get agro. Then I would just run around the whole area with the boss chasing after me.... Tanks running after Sindragosa and all other dps/healers behind them. FUNFUNFUN!! ^^ could just unsub until WoD. Or..... Try something else. I'm sure there might be some achievements you don't have? Try to play the game for 100%. You know, like some other games with credits, where you even play after that to get 100%. Just see Garrosh hc as a point where you get credits. Then go back to the world and achieve everything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxilian View Post
    Welcome to the next expansion waiting room! lets just hope it doesnt take as long as cataclysm, we did ICC so many times that everyone knew the quotes of all bosses
    Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic beTRAAAYSSS you!

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