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    Quote Originally Posted by ihyln View Post
    rofl, is anyone listening to this dingus with a lemonparty username? Stay in school, kid.
    At least he makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilian View Post
    You heard about connected realms by now I hope. They are actually trying to fix this right now...
    actually no. Blizzard already stated that they are not doing connected realms to fix faction balance. Want an example? Go check the numbers of Balnazzar US and the server it was linked to...

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    so they still wont say anything about alts having to do the flying quest as well? sigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valex View Post
    Trial of the Gladiator sounds awful.
    why? honestly.... you'll actually have to have skill in it. in arena, you can just glide through on gear, or get shit on because of it.

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    You can't bring back what never existed in the first place.
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    No flying is the best decision they've made in years. I wish Blizz would tell these QQers to get over it or quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApeDosMil View Post
    3. If you think the charge for character transfers isn't a deterrent to realm abandoning, please, pay for my transfers. I have 9 characters I would love to transfer.
    For some of us it's a deterrent to playing, which is unfortunate because WoD looks pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    World PvP.

    You can't bring back what never existed in the first place.
    What kind of PvP were you engaged in, at spring 2005?

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    Biggest problem I can see with Trials is that there likely won't be suitable times for Oceanic players who reside on non-Oceanic servers (I play on RP realms with friends, for example).

    Oh well, thank god for weekends, I suppose.

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    It would be so strange to play d3 on psp vita o.o

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    Im not sure about it

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