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    I don't hate them, I just don't care about them even slightly.

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    I wasn't overly excited about Pet Battles when they were first announced during early MoP development. I have never played any sort of Pokemon style games.

    But when the expansion launched, and I gave it a try, maybe in week two or three, I found it really really fun. Since then I've been hunting and leveling pets obsessively, spending waaaay more time on it than I would ever have predicted. I've got pretty much all the achievements, I've collected rare versions of every single wild pet, and more than 150 of my pets are at max level. Just earned the fourth and final Celestial pet this week.

    So yeah, I'm glad they added the feature - it was very worthwhile from my point of view.

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    I dislike them cause they are boring as hell

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    Because blizzard is very cheap on "manpower, time and resources" and instead of fixing some wow issues they rather do a gimmick pokemon ripoff.
    If blizzard fixed certain shit upon mop release I would have nothing against pet battles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryken View Post
    Well since you like to speak for the majority and have the data to back up your claims, what "Development" do you think the UI team could have better put their time towards?
    Nice straw man right off the bat - when did I claim to speak for the majority of players? Blizzard is secretive with releasing such data that confirms their statements. The UI team could have had the heirlooms server-wide for MoP, made many more UI improvements and introduced an original additional feature.

    Also, since you like to make sweeping statements, the people with the actual statistics (Blizzard) have stated that MAJORITY of people have put a good amount of time into playing pet battles, and that the relatively small amount of time and effort that the UI Team has yielded results that they didn't expect and that it was an amazing result.
    Can you show proof that the "majority of players have put a good amount of time into playing pet battles", or will you just link to a blue post saying "this feature was successful" and believe it without any evidence to confirm that it is true? It's pretty easy for a company to say something without having to prove it.

    And yes, the UI team, the one not responsible for any raid, pvp, dungeon, class balance or anything else you might be thinking of.
    The good old "different teams" argument. Are there quests for Pet Battles? Achievements? PVP conditionals to consider? How about combat and balancing? You are kidding yourself if you think the resources put into creating and maintaining PB is only the UI team.

    Well I'm afraid to tell you that it wasn't developers time that was "wasted". And the time spent wasn't "GIGANTIC". Also it was something that the majorty of players enjoy and thus did benefit from!
    If you cannot deduce that a fortune of work went into creating the PB system then you are not very sharp. Think about all the different pets, stats, abilities, UI, combat and balancing needed to address potential errors/bugs/conflicts.

    You can repeat a lie as many times as you wish, does not make it truthful.
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    I don't hate pet battles, I'm just disappointed by them. Especially pvp pet battles. It's like you take all skill and knowledge away from pvp and only thing there is left is fotm comps. Only thing you need is the current op pet teams to win, nothing more

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    why ppl hate this is simple why any1 wanst running like headless chicken to fight some boring pets.. if you really want to do this thing you're nerd....

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