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    Question The "Collector" achievements

    Hi folks! Mostly curious to see if there's anyone else other than me who has botherd to farm the "Collect 20 of x" achivements in archaeology. Personally I'm almost done (Have a few of them finished with the majority around 15-20 restored artifacts), but I think that since they are so tedious, most ppl have probably not gotten around to them. (As a person who did "The insane" last summer, I've no problem with tediousness and monotonous grinding)

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    Yeah, I got them as a bonus when doing The Seat of Knowledge for the Seeker of Knowledge title. Also got all except two Mantid ones left when doing History of the Mantid, 17/20 and 19/20 on those left.

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    I did them a couple of months ago and posted my results in the comment field over at wowhead;

    Mogu total: 281, average: 28.1
    Edicts of the Thunder King: 26
    Thunder King Insignia: 31
    Warlord's Branding Iron: 29
    Petrified Bone Whip: 29
    Terracotta Arm: 26
    Manacles of Rebellion: 34
    Worn Monument Ledger: 24
    Cracked Mogu Runestone: 30
    Iron Amulet: 31
    Mogu Coin: 21

    Pandaren total: 265, average: 26.5
    Standard of Niuzao: 31
    Empty Keg of Brewfather Xin Wo Yin: 28
    Pandaren Tea Set: 23
    Pandaren Game Board: 25
    Apothecary Tins: 31
    Pearl of Yu'lon: 34
    Walking Cane of Brewfather Ren Yun: 23
    Gold-Inlaid Porcelain Funerary Figurine: 20
    Carved Bronze Mirror: 26
    Twin Stein Set of Brewfather Quan Tou Kuo: 24

    Mantid total: 196, average: 24.5
    Kypari Sap Container: 20
    Banner of the Mantid Empire: 31
    The Praying Mantid: 21
    Pollen Collector: 28
    Mantid Lamp: 25
    Remains of a Paragon: 24
    Inert Sound Beacon: 20
    Ancient Sap Feeder: 27
    This was the data accumulated in order to reach 20/20 for all the different ones. In addition I also gained the seeker of knowledge (all the different rares) tittle right before I got the final collector achievement.

    If you are interested in a summarized format to see how many projects you have completed in each of the three brands, i made a macro that you can run:
    /run for x=10,12 do local c=GetNumArtifactsByRace(x); local a=0; for y=3,c do local t = select(9, GetArtifactInfoByRace(x, y)); a=a+t;end local rn = GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(x); if( c > 1 ) then print(rn .. ": " .. a .. ", average: " .. a/(c-2)); end end
    (sometimes it bugs, go into mantid/mogu/pandaren complete projects in your archaeology tab once, and then run it again)
    ^ I agree with this.

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    This wasn't as bad of a grind as i thought it would be.
    Last Pristine was the worst.

    I think i was server first.
    Date completed: 22 November 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinezor View Post
    This wasn't as bad of a grind as i thought it would be.
    Last Pristine was the worst.

    I think i was server first.
    Date completed: 22 November 2012
    Ofc it's alot of RNG in the grind, It's certainly annoying when you get 10-15 artifacts in a row that you're already finished with.

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    Working on it in bits as I do other things right now...got myself spread a bit thin with my playtime but I'm getting what I want done

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    I did like 2 of each while farming Seeker, one of the worst grinds this expansion.

    Mogu 517, 51.7 average.
    Pandaren 388, 38.8 average.

    The horror.
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    Lol, I just did like all these achievements in the last week. I ended up with over 1000 restored artifacts. I hated it, by far one of the worst grinds in the game, especially when the other profession achievements are easier. I really hope they aren't like this in wod, the old format was certainly better.

    At one point I needed seven carved bronze mirrors and I had all the other ones done, if I ever see another petrified bone whip again, I'll lose my shit. I must've had almost sixty of them before I finished the mirrors and like someone said that last pristine is a nightmare. Every time I saw a worn monument ledger, I got me hopes up.

    This is definitely for the brave and the stupid.

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