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    [WoD Tanking] Are you guys planning to main a protwar?

    Just curious on what is the perception from tank players on which tank they would most likely make their main char with WOD?

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    I want to see what they end up doing with us now that parry dodge wont be something we can actively gear for from what I understand. I really like the avoidance build and riposte idea so it's really going to depend on how they take the class with the changes comming up.

    however I love this toon and the class so chances of dropping it are slim to none!

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    I've mained prot war for every expansion through all the expansions and the changes that came with them. I'll continue to stick with it.

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    Too early to tell considering there is ZERO information on class changes :P

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    I already main a protwar, I always have, and I always will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    I already main a protwar, I always have, and I always will.
    this is my answer as well

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    I play Prot Warr since BC, therefore I will stay Prot Warr. IF this was debateable, I would have to wait for more information about what they plan to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdy284 View Post
    this is my answer as well
    Same here. Been playing prot warrior since vanilla

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    Hopefully but it depends on what the guild needs. We arent super pro making people change classes and stuff but obviously I want a raidspot and as an officer I have a duty to be maining a class that is beneficial to the raid/guild and not what I want. I care too much about progress and server competition to play something if its shit

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    Well, if avoidance is our (Prot Warriors) main Tank stat, then that should mean business as usual post 5.4. I think Prot is in a good place atm as long as there aren't major riposte changes (in WoD) I think we'll be fine. I'd love one more Aoe threat ability though.

    The only thing I'll be changing is the race depending on how the new Humans or Elf models turn out. Cause atm those Dwarves are looking mighty nice.
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    Most definitely, but as always I'll be keeping some decently geared alts just incase they are superior for some fights

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    They haven't even started Beta. You never know how the class will end up. For MoP I was planning on playing my DK all the way up until about a week before MoP then I went back to my Warrior. I'm not even sure if I'm tanking to be honest but this is how I rank my preferences right now:

    Tank: Warrior

    Healer: Druid>Priest

    DPS: Rogue>Priest>Mage

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    If they remain as fun sa they are now I'm most certainly rolling back to a Prot warrior after having mained a Prot Paladin for the past 2½ years.

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    Depends on what exactly they are changing.

    Looking at things from today's angle: I tried the main prot thing in Throne for the first time (dps main, prot sec until then) and I really enjoyed it, especially with the 5.4 changes.
    But: Being a 10 man raider now, things will change when going to the 20 man format and since I don't wanna necessary leave my server, I might have to change to dps to get a spot in a competitive team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddytheone View Post
    Most definitely, but as always I'll be keeping some decently geared alts just incase they are superior for some fights
    Same for me. Kinda hope that prot will get an awesome start (not like they did in MoP) and maintain atleast semi balanced among the tanks!

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    Unsure. It depends on class changes. I was already on the line of wanting to switch to BrM the entire expansion but I did not because the warrior raid utility was a bit better for our 10m. With mythic mode on the horizon I might have to become a DPS if I want to stay in my guild, and I really dislike both arms and fury.

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    My main has been a prot warrior since i started playing mid BC. not about to change now

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    I will be returning to WoD on my Prot warrior. Abandoned the game a year ago as i didn't have time to raid. Definitely won't be changing my class though.

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