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    Quote Originally Posted by Keosen View Post
    Happy wiping on Garrosh now
    He's a bitch.
    Gz and I concur about Garrosh

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    Quote Originally Posted by xerty View Post
    Gz and I concur about Garrosh

    Asshole swings that axe like he knows how.

    On topic, from my experience there're three points where you can wipe on the Klaxxi.

    The pull. If your tank on Rikkal isn't able to keep up active mitigation to avoid parasites it can get very messy very quick which is why it's preferable when now starting the fight to kill him quick.

    The Prime. This is the one Klaxxi other than Windreaver that can rip your tank a new one even unbuffed. You need to be very clear about whether to burn his amber and kill him, or cleave and switch. TBF you don't need heroism to kill the amber as long as your dps is on the ball switching quickly.

    The big 3. Depending on your kill order you're going to have at least 2 of Kaz'tik, Iyyokuk and Xaril up at a time and these three are the biggest threats in the fight. Kaz'tik is the least threat as long your ranged are quick and competent. Both Xaril and Iyyokuk have a degree of rng in their casts and it can either go smooth or messy. Just stay loosely spread out for the lasers and be quick to recognise if you need to move or not, and have those with yellow debuffs stack on those with blue, unless it's a tank, in which case they just use a cd.
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    for the 1st 4 id recoment disector>bloodseeker>korven>swarmkeeper. killed in that order

    after that if piosoned mind is up hes next after him go minipulator
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    Quote Originally Posted by xerty View Post
    How do you handle Korven in this situation as his Shield Bash/Vicious Assault requires a tank swap ? I guess he just taunts it over but stays on Rik'kal ?
    We bloodlust when Korven is around 60-55%. Switch and kill amber then finish off Korven. Don't need a tank swap. Cooldowns maybe used but its not like a big issue, if tank uses cooldowns its off his own back.

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    Our monk and DK tanks had issues keeping active mitigation up for Rikkal, but as a prot pally I found it trivial.

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