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    Heroic 25m tanks, how are you gearing?

    I'm trying to make sure I'm gearing properly as my guild enters heroics but I'm reading a lot of conflicting information. What are you prioritizing? Are you going avoidance, or mastery? How much parry/dodge/mastery/crit are you getting? I went almost full avoidance at 5.4 but Garrosh/heroics have made me want to get more mastery to smooth out my damage. Right now I'm running:

    hit/exp capped
    59.3% mastery
    13.9% dodge
    34.8% parry
    822k hp unbuffed
    not itemizing for any crit so far

    Does this look ok? Any tips, suggestions?
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    Pure avoidance with a thok trinket. Worked absolutely fine for me all tier. Could even go 2 dps trinkets for all fights (just not heroic Klaxxi if you want to be safe).

    Garrosh didn't hit very hard TBH, even with 4 healers. Use CD's at the right times and you'll be fine.

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    Exactly what Frozen said, you will honestly find more damage smoothing from an increased rage gen avoidance build if you use barrier intelligently
    Thok Trinket + Stam trinket for every boss except 10 stack Siegecrafter strat where I use 2 stam trinkets. Garrosh isn't really that threatening apart from the first few seconds on the pull, the terrace vision even is more of a threat ^^

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    Avoidance is the best way, I avoidance tanked seigecrafter with my off-spec so none of my gear was upgraded, so I probably had to use the double stam trinks I used(although even if I didn't, hubris helped killing the shredder and vial helped with having cd up for stacks), so just grade your gear on whether you over or undergear the encounter and use trinkets/cloak dependent on that.
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    Full Parry>Dodge with 2 stam trinkets. I would probably use Tail Tip if I got it but I would never take it over a DPS and we have only had 1 drop on any difficulty...

    I think I have like 975k HP unbuffed.

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    Do you guys not get any mastery at all? It just seems so... spikey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Opihi View Post
    Do you guys not get any mastery at all? It just seems so... spikey
    Nope. So much extra rage for barriers/HS.

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