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    Quote Originally Posted by blaxter View Post
    The median doesn't prove anything, the mean doesn't prove anything. But of those two values (when you've not a normal distribution) the mean is the most wrong one (you learn this the first day on a normal statistics course when you learn about moments) and also the most popular and used one by people without basic math knowledge.

    You want to compare potential of the spec on malkorok (according to you the best fight to do so). Then let's see top100 parses, shall we?

    But well, if you want to select the samples so the result meets your desires, be my guest. I don't want to hurt your ego.

    Apart from this nonsense topic, the answer to this thread to the original author is: go frost with your current gear.
    I don't think you get it.

    You're sampling from a pool of data that includes a 52 second kill fire mage doing 588k dps. You have an unequal representation of mages at a higher concentration of item level from fire, then arcane, and frost at the lowest. You have an unequal representation of tricks of the trade. Representations are different.

    Not to mention you start off the post indicating that the very point you attempted to use in a prior post was the worst way of looking at it.

    You think I'm impossible to reason with? You oppose all logic!

    I've said from the get-go that I am not indicating that frost is better. Merely that the metric by which all you fire-touters who reply to these completely innocent people keep using to "prove" you are correct is complete and utter trash. It is a misrepresentation of data.

    If you have any sense or education, which I assume you do, then you understand that fact to be true. Which means you're arguing simply to prove your own ego. My ego isn't attempting to prove one spec is better than the other. I am combating the established mindset by stating it appropriate to mention to people as much of an unbiased representation of data as possible. Raidbots and WoL rankings do not do this, and while you do not get a perfect picture, you can narrow it a bit more with further analysis, which I did in my reply by normalizing fight times and eliminating the extreme outliers.

    But no, you continue to operate under the assumption that a 588k dps fire mage with a 0:52 kill of Malkorok is valid. You claim that median DPS is the worst way (or maybe you misspoke?) and then you link a chart showing median.

    Are you drunk?

    I'm done. Just lock this thread. It would be ridiculous to continue to argue with you.

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    meanwhile i'll be playing the mage spec that caters best to each encounter...

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    Blaxter nobody else will say it; so I will, you're blinded by ignorance.

    Equally skilled and geared fire and frost mage will do similar damage. Movement I'd argue is better for frost than fire, especially at high haste levels, we lose no dps spamming our instants on the go and with a 1 second frostbolt we can stutter step quite well with instant procs in-between. Fire does lose damage switching to scorch while moving, this is where frost has its advantages.

    I wish my luck with gear wasn't so horrific so I could beat the top fire mage parses which are legit, but at ilvl 562 its just not possible anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genjur0 View Post
    meanwhile i'll be playing the mage spec that caters best to each encounter...
    You know, Frost is terrible on all SoO Fights?

    Infracted for trolling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neutralization123 View Post
    You know, Frost is terrible on all SoO Fights?
    rofl is this a troll account or something?
    Retired from WoW.

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    Median != mean. At least try to learn that, please.

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    If you aren't regularly ranking on WoL in any mage spec above the top 100, it doesn't matter to you whether or not fire or frost is "better". Fire's theoretical DPS may be higher but if you as a player are never parsing any numbers that are rank-worthy or even close to rank limits, then the spec you play should be the one you feel comfortable playing with, the spec you find offers the most utility and the spec that caters to what your raid needs out of you. That's the bottom line.

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    I think it's time for this thread to end. It just draws too much trolling and heated discussion. Thread closed.

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