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    New Mount Suggestions

    A little fun!

    Post your new mount suggestions!

    Hummingbird (flying)
    Crocolisk (ground/water)
    Shark (water)
    Eagle (flying)
    Giant Hound (ground)
    Jetpack (flying)

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    with frikin laser beams !
    How did he die ?

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    SPIDER MOUNT, he can clime on walls!
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Just get Mimirons Head & Invincible & you dont want any new mounts :/
    Its a curse!

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    What's good is since TBC suggestions have come flooding in, thankfully majority were added!

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    Jet boots. So I can look badass for certain characters without having a giant animal or machine to ride on.
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    Those things in Howling Fjord, Shoveltusks or something like that.

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    The new clefthoof seen on frostfire ridge (ground)

    Ugly Hippo-boar (ground)

    Hooverboard - gobelin mount (ground) sold by pnj Griff Ta'annen !

    put a horde Logo it's perfect !

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    Epicus Maximus


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    SPIDER MOUNT, he can clime on walls!
    Oh dear god yes.

    This thread reminds me of this thread.

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    I find it strange that we don't have a spider mount by now so one of those would be "nice" I suppose!

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    And a mount version of those flying nerubian creatures from Dragonblight. Flying spiders - because there is a god, and he hates you.

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    kangaroo mount, you sit in its pouch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    kangaroo mount, you sit in its pouch
    Not exactly riding in the pouch, but a Kangaroo style mount would be kind of cool.

    Imagine bouncing around like that.

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    i want to ride a donkey!

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    my personal wishlist:


    They'd be awesome ground mounts for the forsaken.

    Warp Stalkers

    lore says that the burning legion uses these fellows as mounts.

    Winged Demon

    any type, preferentially green.
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    For years I have wanted a chimaera, and it seems we will be getting those. So yaaaay.
    Limited use, but manta ray. OR, if it is a magic one that could fly - with same animations as if it was swimming.

    Core hound, because hunters with them as pets is not causing enough earthquakes.

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    A huge (dire?) Hyena

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    flying cake with saw blades.

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    What about the ability to turn specific companion pets into mounts-like what we had with the Venomhide/Wintersaber questline?

    Though there will be restrictions for it, such as:

    1) Can only raise a certain pet one at a time-I believe the VH/WS questline was about a month long
    2) Can only be pets that aren't based on the mounts that are available.
    3) Can only Soulbound

    So, here is a list that I hope others find interesting.

    Humanoid: Kun-Lai Runt - We get to ride one during a daily quest, so why not try to raise one?
    I think this is the only pet I would recommend...

    Dragonkin: Infinite Whelp - I think its time for a infinite dragon to be a mount...
    Chrominius (Draekkedon species)

    I would have to damper on the others...we already have about every color drake in the game and try to raise a Celestial dragon
    would make others that do have the Astral serpent very mad and whine **I do not have Astral**

    Flying: Any moths - If Dr. Dolittle can ride a giant moth, why can't we?
    Any Seagulls - Why seagulls? They're badass.
    Pterrordax Hatchling - It's a shame that there wasn't a mount to go with this for the fossil section of Archeology.
    Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling - Perhaps Horde can now try to ride gryphons
    Dragonbone Buzzard - Guaranteed not to bring you to his deformed master in a dismal swamp.

    These are pretty much it. The nether rays wouldn't be added since you can get them as exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard.

    Undead: Scourged Whelpling - During the Wowhead Hallow End's event to get game time and certain real life items, one of the
    clues talked about how Kel'Thuzad had raised one from whelp to adult.
    Infested Bear cub
    Giant Bone Spider
    Stitched Pup

    Critter: Any snails - It's time for a racing snail.
    Any frogs
    Winter Reindeer
    Gazelle Fawn

    Magic: None. Especially with the Spectral tiger cubs **I do not own Spectral tiger mounts** Though maybe those that
    were lucky enough during the Korea event or Recruit a friend could they try to raise Jade, Zipao, and Onyx tigers.

    Elemental: Any Shale spiders
    Cinder Kitten
    Electrified Razortooth
    I can only say at least these 3, unless one can make the Thundertail Flapper into a ROUS. Also, the Normal and Dark Phoenix
    hatchling are not recommended, seeing that the Dark is a guild mount achievement and the Phoenix can be obtained by killing Kael'
    Thalas **I do not have Ashes yet**

    Beast: Any spiders - hopefully if these can become mounts, they'll have the ability to climb over walls and steep hills
    (Take that useless land mounts that can't climb a 30 degree hill!)

    Clefthoof runt - maybe...Player's will have to wait to see if WoD will have these mounts...
    Little Black Ram - another ram mount for Horde maybe?
    Diemetradon Hatchling - Another dino mount
    Cheetah Cub
    Snow cub/Winterspring cub
    Zandalari baby raptors - I know people are up to their armpits in raptor mounts, but what about armored raptor mounts?
    These are ones I would recommend...I highly doubt people that have Kovok would part with him **I do not have** I am also
    putting down the Silithid Hatchling seeing how Ultramarine is a dig mount (and pray that the RNG Gods love you much to get it as fast
    as possible). Stunted Shardhorn is another, seeing how Wooly Rhino is a mount from TCG **I do not have**.

    Aquatic: Again, any frogs
    Any Water Striders
    the crocolisk pets
    Spawn of G'Nathus
    Any turtles
    I didn't put sea pony on the list seeing how you can get a zone only seahorse and if your lucky to find Posiedus, a water mount that
    can be used anywhere that has water.

    Mechanical: Anodized Robo Cub
    Cogblade Raptor
    Mechanical Chicken
    Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

    So, this is the list and I am interested in hearing your opinions.

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