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    So I think Blizzard needs to do another Timelost Protodrake thing, but have the spawn be even more random. I would like to see multiple mobs like it scattered around Northrend, Outland, Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Cataclysm (counted seperately) and Pandaria. Random so that you dont just sit down and camp, unless you are a serious multiboxer.

    -Crystaline drake like the Nexus boss, red drake with crystals. Possibly using the stonedrake crystal-ish model. Drops from a rarespawn drake flying near Coldarra or the southwest Dragonblight area, and flying inbetween randomly.
    -Armored Bear using the Black Bear/Dancing Bear model, drops from a rarespawn Vyrkul that wanders around Grizzly Hills and Howling Fjord.

    -Green Firehawk, since it never came out. Can appear in Hellfire or Shadowmoon Valley, must be attacked in air to bring it down, and it flies high.
    -A skull that gives you Illidan like wings that let you fly, will be added to mount tab, requires keyfragments from a Naga that spawns in Zangamarsh, an Gronn in Blades Edge, an Etheral in Nagrand and a Blood Elf in Netherstorm. Key is usd at Throne of Kiljaden to spawn a very strong demon.

    -Orange Resonating Crystal* drops from a Silithid rarespawn that runs around Desolace, Tanaris, and Silithus
    -Armored Devilsaur not to the extent of Oondasta, but some armor nevertheless. Spawns in Ungoro and Feralas
    -Infinite Drake okay this can be camped, sorta, this actually can spawn in any of the Cavern of time instances as well as all around the Caverns of Time. When it is in an instance a warning appears and will be rolled on like normal when leveling. When you enter an instance it is triggered at some point in the instance or not at all, you cannot just wait. When it spawns outside it will spawn in a random location around or inside, may be disguised as soemthing else, but there will be some sign it is him (no idea what)
    -Black Windrider spawns from a wandering orc in the barrens and stonetalon mountains. He also goes into a bit of Ashenvale
    -Purple Dragonhawk* on Azuremyst Isle or Bloodmyst Isle, can spawn within the starting zone or anywhere else. Does NOT spawn near guards or the city, so it can be reached by horde. The mount however does require level 60 to use as it is flying.

    Eastern Kingdoms
    -Skeletal Tiger Spawns in Duskwood, the forest in southern Blasted Lands or the the pass where Karazhan is (cannot remember the name)
    -Tiger unarmored, but spawns around Stranglethorn or within the Zul Gurub instance
    -Bone drake like Sapphirion model, it can spawn within the plaguelands flying, in Silverpine or Tristfal Glades. Drops from a drake of the same model
    -Black Gryphon utilizing the new gryphon model, a black gryphon mount can drop from a roaming dwarf who can be seen in pretty much any dwarf zones. Hinterlands, Arathi, Wetlands, Loch Modan, NOT Dun Morough, Badlands, Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes
    -Purple Dragonhawk* Ghostlands or Eversong. Does not spawn near guards of city but can spawn anywhere else including starting zone. This is the SAME MOUNT as the other one, and as with the other requires 60 to use it

    -Twilight drake but this time it has the other colorings. If you look at the Vicious Gladiators Twilight Drake and the Cataclysmic Gladiators Twilight drake, you can see they have more purple and red (respectively) in their colorings than the Ruthless Gladiators Twilight drake, or the normal one. The rare would spawn in Twilight Highlands, and when killed drop an egg that will hatch in 7 days into one of the two drakes, or possibly both. The egg is also account.
    -Dream Drake* how Blizzard didnt add this I will never know. it drops from a rare that flys around Hyjal, top to bottom, and only is seeable in the phase where the zone she is in has been fixed. It looks a bit different than most drakes, more resembling a lime green storm drake, but with something other than lightning. The actual item drop will be an egg, which can be used to start one of two quests. A quest to bring it to Ysera for the Dream Drake or taken to Firelands for the Ember Wyrm as explained subsequently.
    -Ember Wyrm* that also spawns in Hyjal, but only in phases that have not been restored, and like the above comes from an egg. The egg will offer a quest to either take it to Firelands and hatch it in the heat of Alysrazor's volcano following her defeat, or take it to Ysera for her to restore the egg. This may be a difficulty for some players to obtain because of the phasing, so the Dream Drake can be taken to Alysrazor's Volcano and used, requires you to use the egg to initiate the encounter, and once Alysrazor has been slain the Ember Wyrm will be on her body, but only lootable by the person who used the item. This will work like the hammer in Ulduar, so if you fail you dont lose everything.
    -Wartorn Wolf* uses the PvP model but recolored drops from Wartorn Orc who wanders both parts of Tol Barad, avoiding both factions hubs as well as the quest hub on the battleground. He can go inside buildings, and is obtainible by both factions
    -Wartorn Steed* uses the PvP model but recolored drops from Wartorn Human who wanders both parts of Tol Barad, avoiding both factions hubs as well as the quest hub on the battleground. He can go inside buildings, and is obtainible by both factions.
    -Orange Resonating Crystal* can also spawn in Uldum.

    -Legendary Phoenix which looks like the Challenge Mode phoenixes. He must be attacked to pull him from the sky, and flies around all of Pandaria. Different color than others.
    -Chen Stormstout also wanders pandaria. He doesnt drop a mount, but rather one of the removed colorments of the challenge mode sets. a VERY challenging fight, he will refuse to fight you for 24Hours if you lose, and will despawn once he is defeated. The catch? The armor set he drops may not be for your class, however it is BoA so low level characters can have pretty transmog gear. the items within are class restricted, and NOT BoA so you cannot repack them once you open it. The chest he drops will be named like the challenge mode one so that you know what is within
    -Sha Touched Yak roams Kun-Lai, Townlong and Dread Wastes. Its a yak, but sha touched
    -Sha Touched Water-Strider is for those who hate the current one. It leaves a brief trail behind its feet like the sha pets from siege. He can be found along the water in Dread Wastes, Jade Forest, and Krasarang however he avoids the faction bases. He is similar to Aoenaxx, and must be mounted. However, he has to be mounted while on the water. You can be on a waterwalking mount, using waterwalking or on a raft. He doesnt play well with other waterstriders so he will force dismount you. the Seahorse mount DOES work. He moves fast enough that you will need to keep up on at least a raft.

    I would love to know what you guys think of these ideas. I liked the feeling of getting Timelost and Aoenaxx, but felt that they were just too much camping. With stuff that paths extensively there is no single camping point, and would be more of a lucky event to catch one of these. I have no idea how the spawnrates would be, but some would be tied to others on the continent. Also, * represents a connection to another mount marked with *

    Edit: I know there are spelling errors. I am not fixing them
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    That is all.
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    Kaleredar is right...
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    Why the fuck have none of you said Llama? Havent you played UO?

    I am disappointed in all of you. -.-

    Thank you ElyPop for the sig!

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    I surprised no one wants a chariot.

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    How about Boars? In other fantasy settings Orcs have used Boars as mounts. Even legend of Zelda has people riding around on Boars but not WoW, I think we need them in the game Asap because it would make sense.

    Aside from that how about a giant sewer rat mount?
    a Chimera mount anyone?
    a Giant moth?
    How about a Gorilla or some kind of ape mount?
    Nothing would be cooler than a Worm mount imo.
    What about a Dog sled type mount?
    A pedestal/throne that is carried by slaves (gnomes for alliance, goblins for horde, possibly blood elves or other such lesser races)
    A bicycle
    The ideas are endless really.

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    They should make a pterodactyl mount and a turtle mount that resembles Nemesis' look from Cataclysm. Now that would be cool.

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    Mount-able Ghost; lets you run through walls.

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    Devilsaur esp Ooondasta

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    SNAIL! Or a Makrura!

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    It's obviously a port of Smash 4 with new characters and she was already in Smash 4.

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    Still waiting for my Sea Mouse...
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    I've wanted a submarine mount since Vashj'ir, just think of the GTA V submarine( ) combined with some sweet gnomish engineering! Please Blizzard, make this the new craftable mount for Engineers in WoD, I'd be so happy!

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    I already suggested the jetpack idea a while back. Anyways, that my number one vote for new mount.

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    Cinder kitten OMG <3 best mount ever

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    obviously this, 6 years late but better late than never
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    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
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    Druids say Hello

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