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    I play various gender and races but I don't play Horde, because I found out at Blizzcon several years ago how vile and disgusting the people that chose to play the bad guys faction really are.
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    All of my characters are Alliance on US-Stormrage except for a couple L10-20 alts I played while the server was down years ago. Most of my characters are female (Paladin, Rogue, Warrior are male, other 8 are female).

    It's not that I mind playing Horde, I just don't like starting completely from scratch with no gold or anything to get a new character started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    I prefer Alliance, and I prefer playing females. No other reason to it than that:P

    (though I have levelled Horde toons, just don't actively play that faction at all)
    Pretty much this. I faction changed my favorite characters to horde for the majority of Cata, but went back to Alliance about a month before MoP.

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    because alliance doesnt have an undead race and what does changing gender matter? im a dude and i like playing as a dude

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    I don't like playing guy characters if I have the choice to be a girl. As a female gamer who grew up playing games with mostly male leads, it's nice to be a girl when I have the choice.

    Currently I am just a Hordie. I have leveld and Alliance to 30ish, haven't played in awhile. The only reason I haven't gone all the way to 90 is because I don't know any Allies to play with. When WoD hits a friend and I are rolling gnomes though with the instant 90 boost, so that will change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loli ninja eating pizza View Post
    I never understood this, do you do it, and why?
    Very simple reasons for me

    One faction because:
    I can transfer mats and gold around alts, so every toon must be same faction

    I picked Alliance, I thought Horde looked ugly and evil, I wanted to be a good guy.

    One gender:
    I wanna feel like a hero, so I wanted my toon to be same gender as me as I can feel more immersion.

    I had even made a toon that had my name and looked like me, but it was a rogue and I got bored real fast with melee gameplay.

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    I play both factions. But only female players. (I am male) because the male models in wow a fucking terrible. This may change with the new models coming out but. My main will always be a female orc but.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Issalice View Post
    When WoD hits a friend and I are rolling gnomes though with the instant 90 boost, so that will change.
    Out of all the things to use your free 90 you pick a gnome!?
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    I never brought myself to creating a new character. Most of my characters are female(Well, I only have two and they both are female), and I hate leveling. So, I wouldn't have a reason to make a male character. I do, though, occasionally, just to mess around with friends.

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    I only play female. I am female, and I like being female and see nothing wrong with it. I dont see a necessary need to play a male character?

    Quote Originally Posted by Issalice View Post
    I don't like playing guy characters if I have the choice to be a girl. As a female gamer who grew up playing games with mostly male leads, it's nice to be a girl when I have the choice.

    also, because of that. even though lately i feel the blizzard writers have been writing their females pretty horribly. I adore the GW2 norn females.

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    Maybe certain sexes of which ever faction look better than the male models(pretty much how I feel about Alliance models atm) along with maybe you only have friends on one faction and you feel comfortable with that faction because it's all you know.

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    I have multiple toons but they exist mainly as tradies for my main .

    In every game I have played I have never seriously played a faction like the horde , not my cuppa tea , I play to exterminate said factions not to join them . I do have a couple of horde toons in wow but don't play them often at all ,just don't enjoy it .

    Over 80% of my time is spent on my main and the next highest is the toon that is acting as bank alt . My other three 90s I play 5 minutes a day to harvest/replant the farms

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    Play mainly Horde faction due to friends, however gender wise I stick to females because my mind relates to them better and I can connect better with a female mind in games.

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    I am female and I choose to play females because my characters, in the ingame world, are "me". Playing a male would feel strange, and I also don't really like any of their models to play.

    I play:

    Female Orc
    Female Blood Elf
    Female Undead
    Female Night Elf
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    I play female toons because I HATE the Hulk Hogan look of WOW males.

    I play Horde because I don't care how my hair looks.
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    I have characters all over the place like a mad woman's custard but in the end, does it really matter if a person likes sticking with one race and one gender? It's their 15 bucks a month, really.
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    I played horde because all of my friends play it, I rerolled an alliance because another friend played alliance aswell but in the end he just started playing horde aswell. Not really a point in playing alliance by myself is there? I only play male characters because I'm... Male IRL, I guess? I never got the appeal of rolling a different gender toon. It's one of the things I hated about diablo 2, not being able to choose your characters' gender.

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    Only playing one faction.
    Limiting yourself to half of the content in a game you're paying a subscription for.

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    Playing Alliance, as Horde is dead on our server gave Horde on our server a few tries, but gave up after a few months every time simply because the population is too small. There it's even impossible to get a Celestials group formed on the day of reset

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    No, I like variety on my characters.

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