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    I only main one character I have infinite alts of both factions, genders and a variety of classes. They rarely make it past level 40.

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    UD Male, I like the smooth animations and looks. Won't even touch Alliance, played NE Male Rogue as my main in Vanilla... :<

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    I play both factions but I tend to play one faction for most of an expansion and then switch and play my characters of the other faction. As for gender, since I'm a female, I only play female characters, in this game and any other game where I'm given the choice. For most games, gender doesn't play much of a difference in the story, it only tends to affect certain NPC relationships and reactions so I don't understand why playing only one gender is problem.

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    I feel uncomfortable playing a female toon, kills the immersion. I think the dudes who do it almost-exclusively to be a little creepy, truth be told. This is just my opinion, though.
    Staunch crusader for playable High Elves 'til death.

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