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    Question Zen Sphere?

    Hey guys, just now getting used to my monk in pvp, I am 86 atm, and usually play WW with a MW off spec...I was wondering, I usually use chi wave, but have seen some monks using Zen Sphere, could I get some advice on which one is better? or if its situational, or if ones better with WW or MW?? And, on that note, it kinda seem chi burst is not real useful in pvp, is that a wrong assumption also?

    Thanks in advance

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    Never use zen sphere.

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    I've only ever seen it used by Mistweavers, and even then I don't think it's even remotely worth it. Chi wave has much better burst healing for MW and as WW can do up to nearly 100k damage in the space of 1-2 seconds with CDs up (while you're casting other spells).

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    Zen sphere is an aoe, so it breaks cc.
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    Mk, thanks for the replies, I figured as much with it breaking CC and everything, just have a seen a couple monks use it and was just curious

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    yah chi wave is just... awesome. pretty decent damage, a fire and forget, does nice burst healing and a short cooldown. in PvP it generally should be used every cooldown. come to think of it, i've never used any of the others xD

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    Cast time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima View Post
    Cast time?
    what? /10chars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima View Post
    Cast time?
    There isnt any cast time lol only Chi brust or whatever is called have it and isnt much useful
    Compared to chi wave zen is not that much powerfull but can have his uses if you going MW but they are soo rare that there is almost no point of usage of this talent

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    I used it for a short time on my monk. It's some really nice sustained healing TBH and it's really nice for 2s IMO.

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    I actually tried it out, and I get more overall healing from it than chi wave, in RBG's that is, haven't tried it in arenas yet. But IMO I actually like it better, but im no high ranked 2200 player or anything sitting about 1750

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