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    Frustration with Green Fire Quest...

    Ive died about 1,000,000 times doing it, and usually over stupid little mistakes, Sometimes dies on second Fel Hunter summon, or stupidly on a chaos bolt, and more annoyingly when there's less then 5% health,

    I've seen a video with someone with iLvl 456 doing it (which I'll post below) Im currently 523 and it frustrates me and Im pretty much gonna stick with normal fire ha


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    Lots of advice over on the Warlock forums, this thread especially.

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    Don't forget at that ilvl it was probably before 5.4, so taking the gate dropped threat. In 5.4 I used shatter and teleported behind a right pillar. I set my lock gate to take me behind the left pillar if he dropped a purple grav circle on that teleport. Then just drop a new teleport spot when you go through the lock gate behind the left pillar.
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    I'm quite determined to get it now, Never really used Macro's before so trying to use them

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    I did this about 2 months ago with an ilv of 506. Unfortunately, I didn't live until the end, but the pit lord I had control of at the time did, so that's something to consider.

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    some tips:

    1 - bring a potion to cure your curse, that will give you twice as much time to kill kanrethad, which makes dps a non-issue. with a potion, the fight is ALL about the execution.

    2 - keep the demonic gateway debuff up at all times. it helps concentrating kanrethad's chaos bolts on your pit lord instead of in your face lol

    3 - during the felhunter phase, send the pit lord away, and never let any of the fel hunters look at the pit lord's general direction, otherwise, they'll devour your enslave demon.

    4 - make use of the doomguard phase to break enslave demon and re-enslave your pit lord. you won't be killing the doomguards, so you can keep one banished while having the pit lord tanking the other. if you let the pit lord tank both, he might die.

    5 - some people say you should use the last imp phase to get infinite burning embers and spam shadowburn on kanrethad. I don't advise you to do that. I tried it, the imps killed me and all the effort I had had with the fight reaching him to such a low hp percentage was wasted. just proceed all imp phases the same way. if you had a potion, there's no need to rush.
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