View Poll Results: Which Class in WoW is the most Well Developed?

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  • Druid

    49 13.84%
  • Hunter

    6 1.69%
  • Mage

    25 7.06%
  • Paladin

    22 6.21%
  • Priest

    10 2.82%
  • Rogue

    7 1.98%
  • Shaman

    18 5.08%
  • Warlock

    145 40.96%
  • Warrior

    13 3.67%
  • Death Knight

    24 6.78%
  • Monk

    35 9.89%
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    I said Druid because they can be anything: healer, tank, melee/caster dps.

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    The Lightbringer
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    Warlocks are great, but I feel like affliction was much better pre-MoP, and in general warlocks are in my opnion not very greatly developed for PvP (demo and destruction have a terrible design for PvP and affliction was much better pre-mop). Demonology is however probably the best spec they developed so far overall.

    I voted Priest, but I since I only played like half a year in MoP I forgot how much the class was hurt by the bad talents and in general shadow priest design was hurt so badly from the changes in MoP (play style wise). But Priests in Cataclysm takes the cake as the best designed class: Versatile healing specs, good design (and utility) for PvP where you are rewarded with good play without making it seem OP and very hard to master in PvE (all 3 specs).

    I think Druids have a great design as well in theory, but I think the class is too much streamlined into one role. I think if you could be rewarded for using shapeshifting and utility, both in solo and group play, it would honestly be the best designed class. How druids are played in PvP is somewhat close to it, but even then it is often too penalizing to change forms.

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    Would have to be druid, it's basically 4 totally different classes, with different mechanics and resources.
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    Druid. For the class with the most specs I can't understand why but here it is.

    Why are people saying warlock? Unless something has changed in the last few months isn't the dps between specs a massive difference?
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    Design-wise, I would go with DKs. Their numbers just need tweaking.
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    I'm honestly not sure how warlock is winning. With the exception of demo, they're some of the simplest specs in the game. I'd say druid.

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    monk is doing well, I just hate how asian themed it is - as if monks are not an aspect of many cultures.

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    Monk has to be it. Good mechanics, fun playstyle, entertaining leveling experience also competitive class.

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    Druid for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by diddle View Post
    hope rogues get the overhaul they need in WoD
    You and me both. Looking at the 90 talents though that doesn't seem plausible.. but who knows.
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    rogues being the most outdated with their damaging combo points forced on targets

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    Interesting question. I clicked priest but after seeing warlock being voted for a lot it made me think, and i think it's warlock indeed.
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    My main is a monk, very well developed class but the asian theme for EVERY tier set, both pvp and pve, gets annoying as hell.

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