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    Ele shaman single target question

    Hey, as the title says.
    If there's 2 targets next to each other is it then a single target gain to switch out LB to CL?
    LB hits a bit harder but shouldn't the increased amount of earth shocks combined with t16 2 set result in more single target dmg?

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    its not going to be a single target DPS gain to replace LB with CL exclusively with 2 targets, You might see a slight gain if you CL to 7 stacks then work in a LB or 2 while youre waiting for the sock CD to come back up

    Same thing with 3 targets, although Using one CL cast while shock is on CD combined with the rest LB's will probably give you 7 stacks as your shock comes off CD everytime
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    CL on two targets is good when:

    1. those targets are going to die in the next 3 seconds
    2. you get lucky or are on the verge of proccing Fulmination (like said above)

    There's a similar idea with the way some DoT classes work too, if a target is about to die, don't reapply DoTs because they aren't going to matter. Since CL is faster than LB, it's a better option to use to kill with, granted your shocks and LvB (and Ele Blast) aren't on CD and you're attacking 2 adds at really low health. That's meta, though.

    other than that, CL is usually best on 3+ targets.
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    Light Movement Simcraft against 2 targets with the following action priority:

    actions.aoe+=/earth_shock,if=active_enemies<=3&buff.lightning_shield.react=buff.lightning_shield.max_sta ck

    That is essentially a ST rotation swapping CL for LB and using Lava Beam instead of Lava Burst.

    Using my gear: 48.3k spell power, 35.4% haste, 70.6% mastery, 22.26% crit, PE/Echo build, no CL glyph

    With CL in there: 359K dps
    With the CL taken out: 312k dps

    CL on 2 targets does 275k damage per execute time, while LB does 160k. The increased amount of Earth shocks and decreased cast time more than compensate for the loss of mastery procs.

    On a fight like dark shaman, CL will do more damage if the two are close enough for it to jump. That doesn't even factor in the occasional blob jump. The only advantage LB has in that fight as movement or if you tank them in separate areas (like on heroic).

    If you're focusing down one enemy (like on Klaxxi), then it is not a gain.
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    If there are two or three targets within cleave range you should multi-dot them with Flame Shock (provided they're alive for ~20 or more seconds), perform your single target rotation and replace Lightning Bolt with Chain Lightning.

    If there are two or three targets not within cleave range you should still multi-dot Flame Shock (provided they're alive for ~20 or more seconds) and perform your single target rotation.

    If there are four or more targets within cleave range you should just spam Chain Lightning.
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