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    Weirdest random battleground

    So I randomed into Isle of Conquest and from the opening of the gates things were just weird. I'm horde, and we did our usual split to all 3 points. Alliance did not meet us at any of the objectives. Standing at workshop you could see a wave of mammoths as the alliance were, as a whole group, walking (/ on the number pad to slowly walk) to the workshop. All they did was farm the graveyards, they never capped a single objective.

    Since they didn't stop the glaives we got the gates down, and managed to pull the boss at which point they came and wiped us. And continued to graveyard camp from there. We managed to organize a mass rez (at least as best as you can with a random group) to no avail. We used demolishers, seige engines, glaves every thing we had to no avail.

    We lost due to reinforcements and only a single alliance died in the entire BG. 299 reinforcements at the end.

    They were all from a variety of servers but where obviously not a random group. I was under the impression the addon that let people try to queue all at once was broken several months back, has it made a return or did I experience something else?

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    HK farmers for the kill achievements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    HK farmers for the kill achievements.
    But how do you get an entire group of 40 people to do this in a random BG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeones View Post
    But how do you get an entire group of 40 people to do this in a random BG?
    Join a premade raid group everyone ques into IOC on the raid leaders command and usually everyone gets in the same bg. I do it too sometimes

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    Looks like you met the revived german "HK" farmgroup

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    Honor farming group, these have been around for a long time.

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    I had actually reported it to [email protected] because I didn't think 40 people were able to queue together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeones View Post
    I had actually reported it to [email protected] because I didn't think 40 people were able to queue together.
    OQueue still works for 40 mans for the most part. Generally you won't get everyone in there but the majority will and once the randoms see the entire group doing something they will probably follow suit.

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    Happens in AV aswell, sit in your bunker and once they enter it start raping them. It's riskier in AV since you lose alot of resources to a guarenteed Balinda/Galvangar kill and atleast 2 towers lost. It's not just germans though, had a group of russians do it aswell. Only way to counter it is staying in your own bunker and see who gets sick of it fastest really.

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    seems you dint use siege enjine proper
    That thing in right hands and some outside support and 2 glavies can make their day terrible.But its hard to organise 10-15 ppl to do this these days
    Also you can always chose to spam on another GY and regroup leaving them with almost empty hands but that also needs someone to read the chat
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    The siege engine melts in this circumstance. Trying to regroup at another GY is difficult. It likely just splits your forces.

    I've randommed into the ally side of this a couple of times. It doesn't require near 40 people to achieve. Since you aren't capping anything those who stray from the strategy (initially) will rez with the main group (I recognize OP said they only killed 1 opposing player). Given that many experienced blacklist IoC, this strategy can be accomplished with a much smaller premade group.

    It's still dirty pool.

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    Alterac Valley as Alliance. The Horde was all russians so you simply knew some shit is about to go down. What they did was basically turtle at Drek. Didn't cap anything, didn't even stop us at Galv. We took all horde towers except the 2 inside the Horde base. And then they grinded us slowly and won. That was some cheesy lame shit but then you expect that from russian players.

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    This has been around for a long time, great way to farm HK's and honor.

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