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    Gaurdian question

    Just chanced my off spec to gaurdian to help my raid group out.
    I know how it works and the 2 stat builds.
    But want a little help. My druid santeri on frostmane. Has only timeless isle gear, darkmoon trinket and the legendary cloak. I think its best to start with migation build (mastery buil) and then when i hit better gear around 525 go to crit build? Is this correct/good idea?

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    crit is still mitigation ~ more rage, more everything else.. 95% certain stick to stacking crit. In the mean time, get better at using frenzied regen and savage defense!

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    Are druid tanks viable in the latest patch?

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    RPS build > all.

    Are druid tanks viable in the latest patch?
    I seriously doubt our definitions of the word "viable" are the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arielle View Post
    RPS build > all.

    I seriously doubt our definitions of the word "viable" are the same.
    Why do you doubt that?

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    mastery can be easier for your group if you started learning guardian and still have to improve your rage management since you wont lose that much survivabilit compared to a bad playstyle. if you manage to train rotations and rage management you will get even more survivability and increase your dps dramatically with crit build.

    in addition i would recommend you try to get talisman of bloodlust at least from lfr since it will dramatically increase your performance at your gear level.

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    Basically what Carba said: mastery might be a good choice if you're not that good at bear and not really confident you'll use extra rage that well. If you are confident, definitely go crit, as it'll be a far better choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by red9 View Post
    Why do you doubt that?
    You asked that question, and were potentially serious about it.

    Every tank gets used every tier nowadays, they're never not "viable". The absolute closest thing to not viable so far this expansion was blood DK vs. Ra-den.
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