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    Best legendary Meta gem for Ret?

    Hey, so I just got a new tier helm token for my ret spec and I was curious on others thoughts on what the better ret legendary meta gem would be? Haste is the best stat for ret paladins right now and the Capacitive meta gem give you an extra proc attack where as the sinister one gives a proc chance to give you 30% spell haste for a few seconds. My question is if the 30% spell haste helps at all? I know that haste is the best stat for Ret paladins right now but I don't know the theory crafting behind it, can anyone tell me the exact reason why capacitive would be better than sinister?

    Capacitive: http://www.wowhead.com/item=95346/

    Sinitser: http://www.wowhead.com/item=95347/#comments

    Edit: I just realized that I should have said legendary meta gem for Ret, sorry. I cant change the title :/
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    Its spell haste. Not melee.

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    Spell haste is useless for ret because Sanctity of Battle is only affected by melee haste and Ret doesn't have any DPS cast time spells to begin with.

    Capacitive is it, period.

    In fact, the only reason any paladin would ever want to use Sinister is if he was holy and doing some sort of hybrid DPS/healing style and wanted to get a whole bunch of casts off in some time period. Even if holy DPS was decent it wouldn't benefit from the gem because Holy Shock, Judgment, and Harsh Words don't have cast times and Denounce has such a short cast time that the gem is pretty much useless.
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    This will be the one and only. There is ZERO reason to use anything else.

    To prevent this going downhill though, closing.
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