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    the one thingh i

    the one thingh i would love blizz give more thought to and make better is hidden tresures and hidden doors(scarlet) thinghs that get you into rly exploring. could help with being more on mount. somethingh like the artifacts in rift. dident real like the game but loved the artifact and how well some artifact were hidden.

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    exploring can be fun, but i agree there is little rewards for exploring. That sense of "wonder" people used to have in the game is hard to find.

    also, @ op, are you drunk?
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    This is something are trying to address in wod. Lots of secrets and treasures are supposed to be every where.
    We will see how it turns out.

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    I would definitely like to see more hidden secrets and treasures, and some that are really hard to find. I know there is a way to randomize how the steps might go so Wowhead or Wowdb can't have a perfect "here is what you do" guide.

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    Some hidden trap doors or a hole hidden in a tree leading to an instance, a shortcut or just something fun would be cool.
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    Something along the lines of Eve Online's anomalies would be a great addition. It could be added to archaeology. A portal could pop up from a random dig allowing you to enter a solo scenario. Maybe even a few five mans for variety.

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    sry am not drunk :P being in hurry and being bad at english aint a good combo :P

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    Yeah, all the stuff people could stumble across, can never be enough of that.

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    Nah, cause once the initial discovery is over, these things will be farmed like hell. You wanna see 20 people waiting in the woods for a chest to spawn ?

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    I hope they add some randomness to it. Not a random spawn timer, but random places.
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