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    Where will you build your garrison?

    This is one of the additions to wow I am most looking forward to so I was wondering in which new zone will you put your garrison (assuming it can be built in all of them)?

    Also if they ever decide to make every zone be able to contain a garrison which zone in the world of warcraft would you choose?

    I personally am gonna go with Nagrand (if possible)

    and if it is ever expanded to non dreanor zones I will move to either Storm Peaks or Grizzly Hills

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    shadowmoon valley for me.

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    I hope to build it near to Karabor, Shadowmoon Valley looks beautiful

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    Same for me Shadowmoon Valley

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    Same place I said I would in this Identical thread

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    Winterspring, or somewhere of similar nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinnamohn View Post
    Winterspring, or somewhere of similar nature.
    Has to be on Draenor.

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    It looks like it will be a set location.

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    Frostfire Ridge or Talador.

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    Shame it has to be on Draenor. I always wanted a home in Feralas.

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    alliance will be in shadowmoon, horde will be in gorgrond.

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    It depends what Tanaan Jungle is like. SMV is too close to the Ally city, Gorgrond is too Horde, maybe the place with Shattrath and Terrokar (forgot the name), the zone int he middle. Nagran is eh... if it's like what it is not, no thanks. Otherwise it's a possiblity. But I'm leaning towards Tanaan.

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    Somewhere strategic close to rare mobs/resource nodes or high traffic ganking spot like Throne of Elements in BC.

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    As Alliance I want either Nagrand (where Halaa is in Outland) or the snowy zone.
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    In the most convenient place possible.

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    Frostfire Ridge. Reminds me of Northrend so fuck yeah.
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    Too early to tell for me. All depends on what I wish to do in the game... this point, whichever zone has the best fishing possibilities. (yes, this is even knowing I can make a fishing pond in my Garrison. :P)
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    Nagrand since I still remember how much I loved this place back when I first saw it.

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    I really don't want to build my garrison at all...

    But I'm sure I will anyway. I'd pick Zangarmarsh. It's still one of my favorite zones in all of WoW.

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    If I get a choice, Shadowmoon Valley!

    Was mesmerized the first second I saw the zone on BlizzCon, hope I can put it there as Horde, and hope there'll be some quests too

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